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gestundurgire : How do u reset the htc droid hero

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browadonha : I'm from State College and 18 years old while my friend is only 17 and even though I was carrying a beer and he was not, only I got an underage drinking citation. None of us were acting stupid we were only around like .1 but I'm pretty sure my friend was a bit more intoxicated than I was.
- undercover cop car (Honda)
- never turned on his cop lights
- never showed me his badge
- The police officer that stopped us said he knew my friend was intoxicated too and the cop did not even acknowledge that.

my friend:

- One of the two cops was right beside my friend about 4 inches away, carrying on a conversation and most likely smelled alcohol but didn't do anything about it. Either way should it not matter considering they both knew he was underage and intoxicated as well?
- Was not searched
- Was told he would not get in trouble
- Was not breathalyzed
- Was not asked for I.D.
- Was not asked for his age (we both just said freshman in college)
- Cop blatantly made it clear that he knew my friend was currently intoxicated
- admitted to drinking

- admitted to drinking
- searched me (all of my pockets)
- opened my cigarette pack
- opened my wallet after I showed him my I.D.
- patted me down
- breathalized (.103)
- cop made a bet saying if I was above a .15 he would give me two citations and I was positive I wasn't that high so I made the bet and he ended up just giving me one.
- shined a light in my eyes
- took a taxi to a friends house with Nafis
- told me what the citation was for and what I was signing

So far my father isn't aware of this situation and he has some very close friends that are amazing lawyers/judges/attorneys and before I even consider fighting this I would like to know if I could get out of this.
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byszoctgp : Were you driving or walking
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Affestytrit : would it make you feel better if they victimized you into a lifetime of incompetence?
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FZRaymond : They shouldn't,only communist like to ban free speech.The left are communists.
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dicSlulpcut : cuz they say facts?
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eldemowerrorm : No

They should be laughed at and ridiculed,as they already are.
Then sued for their slander.

I'm stunned you're proud of these men representing you, rather than ashamed.

But hey, that is why you're a Republican.
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aliefique : You're contradicting yourself there.
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Frietteve : Explain how you abuse free speech. Tell us if that would be saying what you think or lying. Either one can be freely spoken. Liberals don't even understand language. Its no wonder they can't understand anything else.
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flazyzotreart : no - you should learn to do your own research and interpret bs - the truth is never gonna be handed to lazy people on a platter
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