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abyy1319 : My iPhone 3gs is jailbroken and i want to restore it to custom firmware made by sn0wbreeze
It's currently on 4.3.1 and bb 06.15.00
Now i want to restore to 4.3.3 custom and i keep getting error 3194
How to fix? I can't go in my phone and erase all data cause i forgot my password
I didn't steal it! I'm serious I know i installed gpSPhone on it and VUnlock, move2unlock and a software that never makes my iPhone say something like iPhone is disabled, wait a minute or something like that. I re-jailbroke it with redsn0w and now iFunbox doesn't recognize if you cant help me with the above then give me an alternative for iFunbox. Thanks for reading and please help me ASAP I need my phone life is terrible without it

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envivekes : I was driving through a checkpoint and one of my intoxicated friends had put an open vodka bottle in the trunk. They saw the bottle and made me pull over and gave me a ticket for Open Container. Would I be able to argue that it was way out of reach? Or that it did not even belong to me? I was under 21 when this happened and my court date is in a couple days.
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teesmarne : This offense is typically an infraction, punishable by a maximum $250 fine. However, if you are a driver or passenger under 21 and are caught violating this law, you face a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and a maximum $1,000 fine.

If the alcohol was was in the trunk, that is a solid defense.

Best defenses for open container violations:
the alcohol was in the trunk,
you were in a "hired" car, such as a taxi, bus or limousine,
there was no probable probable cause for the police to stop you, or
the police only discovered your open container because they performed an illegal search and seizure .
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cooffcoasoli : How did they see it in the trunk? Why did you consent to a search?
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shumbamma : I also wonder how they "saw the bottle." However, assuming you are charged with the correct violation, you are guilty. "No person under the age of 21 years shall knowingly drive any motor vehicle carrying any alcoholic beverage . . ." unless accompanied by a parent, or an adult designed by a parent for that purpose, or in the scope of employment by a someone licensed to sell alcohol. (Veh C 23224.)

As you can see, it does not matter whether the booze is in the passenger compartment or the trunk. It does not matter whether you owned it. In fact, it does not matter whether the container is open or not.

This is a misdemeanor offense which cannot be charged as an infraction (though it is usually punished by a fine of about $500). Because of that you need an attorney. If you cannot afford counsel, the court will appoint a lawyer to represent you. If you can afford an attorney, you should have one with you when you appear in court.

An attorney can advise you as to the legality of the search, and a lawyer will be helpful for another reason. Conviction of this offense carries a 1-year driver' license suspension under Veh C 13202.5. Many courts have programs available which will allow you to avoid a conviction and save your license. A lawyer can help you get into that kind of program.

If you are charged with either of the actual "open container" statutes (Veh C 23222, 23223, or 23225), you are not guilty, because none of those statutes applies if the container is in the trunk. However, it is probable that if you raise such a defense, somebody will figure out the correct charge. In many cases I might advise simply pleading guilty to the wrong offense to avoid the amendment, but not here--because conviction of any of those offenses ALSO carries a 1-year driver's license suspension, and that is the most significant consequence you are facing.
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reentypot : I've been watching a case unfold and here is what I know, yet I don't understand the end result or what's in process now.
Guy charged with 7 counts of lewdness gets them reduced to 1 with a plea bargain. Sentenced to 3 yrs probation and spending all holidays in jail and life time registration as a sex offender.

Guy signs up with probation and I guess he has to abide by 18 rules and then I believe realizes that he can't drink, no Internet ect. He ask his attorney to get his probation terms changed so attorney motions court ect - for a year this poor attorney does nothing but summit motions - anyway defendant has attorney motion to judge he wants to drink alcohol ect (which is what got him in all this stuff in the first place. Next thing I know is this sentenced case is now open again and it looks like the attorney has motioned to be relieved from counsel..... Why would he do that if the guy has been sentenced? Is he tired of trying to motion the judge for even lighter sentence or to "pad" the the already lighter sentence. I don't think the attorney realized just how narcissistic/ antisocial this guy really is - craziest thing I've seen. Is the attorney trying to replace himself with someone else in his office or just trying to be done with a case that should just be closed?
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iwjmovnjmyvc : It happens sometimes. If an attorney doesn't believe that she/he can represent the client to the best of their abilities, then they are technically obligated to relive themselves from the case.
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depslinee : As I was pulling into a gas station my front driver side tire blew forcing into a crurb and putting me up onto an island within the parking lot causing the rear driver side tire to go flat . I backed off the crub and pulled to to the pump ,exited the truck put keys in pocket and called my brother for help ,while on the phone the police arrived and walked upto me and told me to place hands on hood as he searched me for weapons . Moments later I was placed in hand cuffs and put in to back of car . About 10 or 15 minutes later I was driven to another desination were I was read my rights and told I was under arrest for D.U.I. . During which time I was told that a witness called the police . What are my options ?
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Soosparobsera : Contact an attorney. DUI is a serious charge and you shouldn't be seeking advice from people on here about it.
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ZextEpireerve : They should have done a field sobriety test on you to see how much you had to drink. If they didnt do that get an attorney immediately!
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