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seexboomi : Hi,
If i dont want to pay for the data plan a certain month, can i take out the SIM cart out of the iphone and onto another old phone, announce the switch to AT&t, and not be charged the data plan fee? with no penalization? A store employee explained to me it was doable and there were no penalties, but in another store they told me otherwise.

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EXmira : As for the physical capability, the iPhone 4 uses micro-SIM which currently is the only phone that uses it. You would need to get a micro-SIM to SIM adapter to insert your current card into another phone. This is the physical barrier you would have to pass.

As for the service barrier, if you paid $200 - $300 for your phone, you are most likely on contract. With the contract, they will require that you maintain a certain level of service. Since it has been years since I was with AT&T or even on a contract plan, I am not sure if they will let you downgrade to the 200MB plan. You will have to maintain a data plan while under contract.

Hope this helps,
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JedoLuddy : Another guy has cousty of my kid I got the DNA test and 99.9 its mine I wont to see my kid but the other guy.will not let me see him.the mother agrees with me I should see him but he has rights to my son.i miss him soo much please help
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Denizcan29 : You need a lawyer.
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Syncpropypeg : If you cannot afford an Attorney read comment in link below:
Fathers have rights too.
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asdrjh536 : Before consulting an attorney, answer these questions.

Are you listed as father on the birth certificate?
When did you take DNA test?
How old is your son?
Have you paid any type of support for your son?
Are you gainfully employed?

So, do you just want to see your son, or be a father to your son? Once you determine this, you will then know how you are going to proceed.
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Roafjoydayfew : I completed it about a month ago for 2 felonies and it says my case is still open? Will i jave to appear in court anymore? Should i contact my attorney? How long does it usually take to get the papers signed and have the case dropped?
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AntetaMap : Worst Attorney General in history and will be the yard stick for measurement of corruption and stupidity in the future.
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Grooimaar : That is what America REALLY NEEDS!
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stuartfish : When fools decide they wish to be arrested.
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