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Enrinueexpess : I have an app for ringtones, then it says go to file sharing. So i did but i dont know where to go from there? any help. I dont care if i use the app. I just want a ringtone

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messkaddy : Ventones

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emibegomSit : We change 5 attorneys,who thing only about money,but not to help as. We are not criminal,we are paying taxes all years here, we are send a lot of letter senators,but now we understand that we are nobody ,and no one will help as.
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rbjarmkgxvvw : Honestly, there is nothing that can be done. No one will help you because that's the law. Paying taxes etc. is a separate thing. Even if you work in the US illegally, you owe taxes.
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indiananimator : well, maybe you should tell us a bit more on what exactly is it you'd like to know or get help with.
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OutsimikamTum : If your son who is an US citizen is at least 21 years old and holds down a job where he earns 125% above the poverty level for a family size which includes his parents AND you entered the US with a visa, he can sponsor his parents for a greencard and their overstay of a visa will be forgiven.

If any of the above is not the case and won't be the case with some time (child gets old enough or earns enough),they can learn about the proposed changes to the immigration law and if that would help you keep your fingers crossed.

If all doesn't help they should probably consider the choices they made which landed them in their dilemma. I would think it is unlikely that they were abducted and dropped off in the US. I would assume that they didn't ask for permission of their host country before they acted. If that is the case the blame rests on them, not on others.
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KemMeplepoork : Attorneys can help to navigate the law, but they are not miracle workers. If you consulted 5 attorneys and none of them can help you, then 500 attorneys can't help you because there is no legal basis to get you residency.
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Inwance : So what is your question?

Do you want to know how to get a green card? You have paid 5 people to get you get a green card when you apparently don't qualify. The people that you paid couldn't do anything. How would anyone else be able to do anything? You don't qualify. Period. Pack up and go home.
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punov104 : Last edited Thu Jul 25, 2013, 10:09 AM USA/ET - Edit history (1)

THU JUL 25, 2013 AT 04:58 AM PDT
Remember the two black teens who killed the baby?
by estamm
You know, the story of the mom and her baby in the stroller in a Atlanta suburb, who were confronted by two African American teens playing hookey who wanted money, then shot the kid? You know, the story that the right wing has been flogging, pointing to this as why Zimmerman was justified in killing another black teen? You know.

Well, turn out that perhaps we don't know all of the story. Or, maybe we know it all too well:

New evidence....

Two key quotes from the story:

In spite of the social media “outrage” and the right-wing media narrative, however, the Baby Santiago case only illustrates just how prevalent racism really is in the United States. Just days after Sherry West told police her 13 month old was shot and killed by two black teens, West’s 21 year old daughter went to police to tell them that she suspected her mother may have killed her infant brother. Ashley Glassey told CBS News in March, that her mother has serious mental health issues. These include a diagnosis of bi-polar with accompanying schizophrenic tendencies.

On July 16th further evidence was released to the public that implicates the parents involvement in the child’s death. Police tests immediately following the shooting revealed gun powder on the hands of both Sherry West and the baby’s father, Louis Santiago. Santiago claimed that he was nowhere near the scene of the shooting. This evidence too, was withheld for months, until the defense attorney in the case demanded that it be released in mid July.

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RoyabyRor : It's no big deal to the Blacks when a Black kills anyone. A baby is fair game for the Blacks.
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