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ArelsPeally : I've got 16g iPhone 4. Works fine but recently this app that my brother plays Pet Salon won't get points from downloading those free apps. Ya know "download this free app and get 20 pet points" but when he opens the app and goes back to pet salon the note says "conrats u earned 20 or whatever pet points" but the number of points doesn't change. It's no my screen cause one thing costs only 10 points and my bro downloaded a free app for 20 points and it still said" invalid number of points" so it's not my screen but it actually thinks the app wasn't downloaded and doesn't give him credit. So what do I do?

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jtopwarezv : Does Obama believe his Attorney General has the power to ignore the ruling of the Supreme Court?
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pneupejed : Obama and Holder have no respect for the Supreme Court
They call its decisions "flawed" and don't feel bound by any law they don't like
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poenceRaipleKip : The SC only shot down one part of the Voting Rights Act, not all sections of it.

So Holder is expected to announce that the Justice Department is using other sections of the Voting Rights Act to bring lawsuits or take other legal action to prevent states from implementing certain laws, including requirements to present certain kinds of identification in order to vote.
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uncentre : Obama has declared himself the do over king of America.
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gorodezpup : The Supreme Court said nothing about Texas' voting laws. They struck down one section of the Voting Rights Act, the map that defined who was subject to preclearance. It did NOT strike down preclearance.

The AG is using the remaining portions of the LAW to subject states to preclearance as necessary.
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Jeojeryceby : The SCOTUS decision only said the formula that Congress used to decide which areas needed DOJ scrutiny was flawed. It did not say the redistricting plan in Texas was ok. The decision also only blocks the DOJ from restricting Texas, or any other area, from changing their voting procedures. It doesn't block other Federal Courts from doing so.

Federal Courts are a different branch of government than the DOJ.
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tireargueme : ok... just by looking at your link... it says "opens up new front"...

I would bet that they are attacking it on another legal basis... you know... something can be illegal for more than one reason...
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Exerierok : Because often there is more than one legal avenue open when bringing suit in court. The state can still be acting in a way that violates a federal law that is separate from the voting rights act. Pursuing the case in that way is not ignoring the SCOTUS ruling because the ruling is irrelevant. The DOJ has lots of tools in its legal tool belt. The voting rights act might have been the best one to use in the past, but that doesn't mean that there aren't other tools that can still get the job done.
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Paisymomtoori : Gotta give you credit for trying to pull the wool over people's eyes - SCOTUS didn't do any such thing. That's why Obama is challenging the laws - they're dip ch!* - trying to suppress mionoritie's votes.
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