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Jeojeryceby : The SCOTUS decision only said the formula that Congress used to decide which areas needed DOJ scrutiny was flawed. It did not say the redistricting plan in Texas was ok. The decision also only blocks the DOJ from restricting Texas, or any other area, from changing their voting procedures. It doesn't block other Federal Courts from doing so.

Federal Courts are a different branch of government than the DOJ.

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tireargueme : ok... just by looking at your link... it says "opens up new front"...

I would bet that they are attacking it on another legal basis... you know... something can be illegal for more than one reason...
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Aripooh0013 : can someone please help me understand what an attorney general is
thanks 10 points
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Daudiodia : the head government lawyer who prosecutes in criminal cases. he or she represents "society" and the victims of the crime.
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roinemanath : In the United Kingdom the Attorney General is the government's legal adviser. He is a civil servant and acts as solicitor when the government wants to initiate or defend any legal action.

In any other country there will be an equivalent post but it may have a different title. It is possible that it could be a different job entirely in the USA.
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bouhambiffKib :
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Abigail_West_Virginia : Being jewish
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GomiToido : Someone who is willing to take on any case and defend any kind of person regardless of what they supposedly did, because everyone deserves a fair trial. Also someone who can fake confidence even when they have none, and thoroughly research every trial they participate in.
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Cryclorgo : Excellent English and communication skills. Any lawyer needs to be able to write persuasively; trial lawyers need to be able to do this verbally as well. Ideally, be multi-lingual, especially if you want to become an immigration lawyer. Depending on the field you want to go in, expertise. For example, many attorneys who are into medical malpractice are also Medical Doctors; many immigration lawyers are immigrants themselves.
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srfecti644 : Yes. A DUI can be a reason to get fired.

Is driving a condition of your employment? Are you ever expected or required to drive while you are working? If so, that increases the chances you will be terminated.

Otherwise, it will really depend on your overall value as an employee. If you, as an RN, are drinking enough to get your BAC to the levels justifying a DUI and then you drive - your boss is probably going to be wondering if you have some type of dependency.

Frankly, if I was the attorney advisor for your employer I would be advising him to send you for a UA and hair follicle test to see if you have be taking drugs.
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