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NemCrekseraseb : I have a iphone and whenever someone calls me it always shows "unknown" And it bugs me a lot because first of all i'd like to know who is calling me. Any Ideas How to Get Caller ID?

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temoenjoymn : It should have been there automatically take it in to the store
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Touspedquesee : If its software unlocked, then you may need to install CallerID & Format Fix from Cydia. If it is on an official carrier then it simply may be an issue through them. Contact them about the issue.
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Esonosmeansic : Nevada law has defined those conditions that a sex offender must follow while on probation - this is a quote from parol and probation. Are these rules changeable by a judge? I've been watching a case with an antisocial who wants them changed so his attorney motioned judge - most rediculious thing, cuz he deserves everything he gets. But can a judge change what the law defines as conditions?
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monyNotLy : The judge can't change the rules but he can dictate the terms within the bounds of the rules.
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Idearigeoge : if someone had knee surgery, and the doctor made a mistake on the surgery... what can they legally do if they didn't have enough money for an attorney and wanted to sue the hospital.?
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Tevyemalm :
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wpthwddc : Winning polls does not always equal winning elections.
I'm not convinced she will run, I think she won't.
Or at least wasn't until the Benghazi hearings happened and that pi**ed her off so bad she will run.
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IgnoneHob : She's too busy still interning with Bill to keep her job as his wife!
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madelyn379 : Clerical errors are not a reason to dismiss a ticket. Ignorance of the law is not a defense to prosecution unless you are a cop who can arrest make a false arrest but are protected under qualified immunity.
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