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enurmouse : Should I sell my iPhone 4 or keep it?
I got an iPhone 4 from someone as a gift. And I don't know if I should keep it or sell it. Don't worry about the person who gave it to me, they don't mind. I have a good working phone, and I don't know what to do.

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Smaluemelmisy : Keep It I phone 4 is all the rage right now..
but if u sell it for 5£ less u will still get loads of money..
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andremartin : :O WHAT !! You Are Really Thinking Of Selling The IPHONE 4 !!!!! You Must Be Mad !! Think About All The Amazing Things You Can Do With It !! I Dont Think You Should Sell It !
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carpinteyrosrj : Keep it unless u can get mad money for it
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Appaniadutt : Depends what phone you have now? And if you like that phone? And if the phone you have now is on contract or not? But personally I'd keep the iPhone4 as it is amazing and sell your old phone if you are in need of money?

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Kecysypecrade : The iPhone 4 is a great phone, most people would say keep it! I love mine!

Just give it a try for a week or two and see how you get on with it, try to make sure you use every feature possible on it too, that's the best way to find out.

Then you can decide to keep it or not.
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HeernomernegO : Even the Democrats are distancing away from Detroit. After all, they have no use for them now that the election is over.
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KitActick : Next is another triple crown and a world series title
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josede73sk : give a 45,000,000 bailout to the teachers union, onion/turnup greencars LTD LLC amalgamated international,,to be a joint venture betw
UAW,,,,10 union guys to assemble wires,,canadian auto midget company to employ 3,000,available in 3 colors,green,yellow,,pink,
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baofu125 : Liberal policy at its finest. Probably just bail them out again.
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