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Daudiodia : agree to appear on TV with Zimmerman?

This is the height of ignorance and should be subject to scrutiny by the Justice department but it is probably New Black Panthers doing the threatening and Holder approves anything they do including murder.

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Hoonorshani : Welcome to hope and change.
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Aristidas : So where is Eric Holder? isn't this a civil rights violation?
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liamnigousnum : Pretty sad. Think how Trayvon Martin's parents feel after their son has been shot to death and they receive death threats themselves. That's really cold. The kind of cold that should scare all of us.

I don't know if people are more ignorant these days or if it's just that they have more 'tools' to spread their 'message' and to spread it far(ther) and wide(r).

Not sure what VALID REASON would bring the Justice Department into this particular case when it hasn't deemed it appropriate to act on death threats made to the families of GZ or TM.
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Jaramaree : You see that is what the Demokkkrat-formed KKK was all about
intimidation of opponents, historically GOP, both black and white -- through violence.

Slavery and lynching, the demonkkkrats have not changed!
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JedoLuddy : Another guy has cousty of my kid I got the DNA test and 99.9 its mine I wont to see my kid but the other guy.will not let me see him.the mother agrees with me I should see him but he has rights to my son.i miss him soo much please help
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Denizcan29 : You need a lawyer.
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Syncpropypeg : If you cannot afford an Attorney read comment in link below:
Fathers have rights too.
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asdrjh536 : Before consulting an attorney, answer these questions.

Are you listed as father on the birth certificate?
When did you take DNA test?
How old is your son?
Have you paid any type of support for your son?
Are you gainfully employed?

So, do you just want to see your son, or be a father to your son? Once you determine this, you will then know how you are going to proceed.
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fivefingerslo : what did you agree to when you hired your attorney?
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