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agobeTaulge : Just wondering if there were any apps out there where i can check my debit cards balance and statements. Which apps would you recommend?

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necladatio : ok my fiances dad has lived in this place for 14 years hes paid all his deposits and damage, animal deposits stuff like that, well he had just got out of a relationship with this girl that had two grown kids living with them didnt have to pay nothing. my fiance and i move in with him cause our bills our too much right now to get a place of our own, so the land lords tell us we have to sign a rent agreement and pay a deposit and damage deposit and pet deposit. So we did and paid a 200.00 dollar pet deposit for my cat which is fixed and was declawed when i got him so 200.00 i thought was high but any ways i get a kitten and the land lords comes to me and says doesn't matter if i keep her or not that i have to pay another 200.00 for the pet and it says no where on my papers where it says per pet so i told her i was moving and now she says i cant have my damage deposit back because of the curtains are messed up and i said id buy new ones so who can i contact?

oh also like i said his dad has been at this same place for 14years and the rent is 400.00 a month they added 80.00 more when we moved to the rent but what is messed up is that his dad pays weekly rent because he gets paid weekly and they come by every friday and gets the money from him well he gets 5 checks some months and they still come by and get 100.00 from him so some months he pays 500.00 dollars and he hasn't realized it i guess and 14years of that is alot. One time he was out of work for a week and they made him pay extra a week til it was paid back, i just don't think its right there doing that to him when hes been paying extra this whole time.
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seaggetroks : Read your lease, and contact an attorney. Your post is an obvious hoax, and it has been reported.
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Esonosmeansic : Nevada law has defined those conditions that a sex offender must follow while on probation - this is a quote from parol and probation. Are these rules changeable by a judge? I've been watching a case with an antisocial who wants them changed so his attorney motioned judge - most rediculious thing, cuz he deserves everything he gets. But can a judge change what the law defines as conditions?
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monyNotLy : The judge can't change the rules but he can dictate the terms within the bounds of the rules.
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eplreve842 : 1)Cheering is allowed at all times during the trial.

2) Rock N Roll music is played when attorneys approach bench.

3) There will be a defendants family dugout and a victim families dugout.

4) Whenever a solid argument is made, the crowd roars and the attorneys walk back to their table as though it is routine.

5) People attending are allowed to chant (either Marcia or Cochran Sucks) and start waves.

6) Attorneys and everyone involved in the trial proceeding talk on microphone so they can be heard.

7) A PA address announcer announces the prosecution and the defense witness list and which witness is taking the stand at the moment.

8) Fans can paint their face

9) The Good Year Blimp flies over the stadium during the trial

10) The jury stays in the luxury suites

11) Tickets are sold for trial attendence and scalpers charge three times the face value when it is a high profile trial and is sold out.

12) An attendant might yell out "Hey Marcia Clarke, Johnny Cochrane owns you." Marcia Clark would ignore the attendant and go about her business.

13) When an attorney makes an objection, the judge will if the objection is sustained will give the "safe signal" used in baseball or if the objection is overruled might make a fist.

14) The mascots might use shirt guns when the attorneys approach the bench.

15) There will be a giant screen showing a picture of the attorney next to a picture of the present witness with their background on display.

16) When a trial is over, the District Attorney might announce a contract extension for Marcia Clarke and Jeff Ashton for $20 in 5 years and will also announce signing Jose Baez to a 10 year $80 million dollar contract and the same for Johnny Cochran. Both Jeff Ashton and Marcia Clarke will tell the media that they are glad to have both of them on their side.

17) Jurors are selected through a sweepstakes and also get a free trip to Hawaii.
Where's your sense of humor? Besides I got an inheritance so I can do what I want!
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sunlostli5r : You have too much free time on your hands. It's time to get a job.
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qifeng3787 : It's all good except that the execution area should be on the pitcher's mound and televised.
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tianlan200 : Sure, as long as they have a Waffle House like Turner Field does now.
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agobeTaulge : My child's school has, for the past year and a half, repeatedly sent me a consent form to sign, "voluntarily" giving the school the right to access and share my child's immunization records.

The interesting part is that it also contains a line stating that the consent, once given, can be expanded to include other government agencies and private industry.

Despite my declining to sign the form, they keep sending it home with my child, and telling my child "make sure your parents sign this form or you might not be allowed to go on field trips in the future" or other such things.

I feel that my child is protected under HIPPA from disclosing this information. The form clearly states "I consent to having this information released" and I do NOT consent, so I refuse to sign it.

If it were not for the fact that they reserve the right to expand this release of information without my consent, input, or even notification, I'd sign it. But this is a complete waiver of my child's rights.

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