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srfecti644 : If you have tmobile and you buy an iPhone, can you still put it for tmobile or does it have to be another company..?

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christinabhayesl : No you can't. It has to be AT&T. Or the new company that just came into the iPhone Verizon.
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MemoMocaiff : AT&T or verizon only
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gorjitienMito : As of now the iPhone 4 is only available through AT&T as far as a GSM carrier goes. You could unlock it to work on T-Mobile if you want though, but you would not get 3G either way. iPhones use different frequencies than T-Mobile.
Reports are though that the next iPhone, iPhone 4S would be able to work & be available from T-Mobile from the start. Should come out in September.
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bioriaseina : You would have to buy an iPhone outside of the country. There are some countries that forbids phone locking. If you bought on in the US, you could root (jailbreak), and eventually get it to work on T-Mobile. However, this VOIDs the warranty.

Now, even if you get an unlocked iPhone, there is also the bands. While not getting too technical, T-Mobile's bands are not compliant with most iPhones. Since the iPhone 4 is Guad-band 2G GSM, it would connect to T-Mobile's data network with some work around, but at about 10% of what you would get with 3G. This is a hardware issue, and no software hackery will fix this.

From what I have mentioned, it is more likely more trouble than worth. I would recommend a T-Mobile phone with similar capabilities as the iPhone. If you wanted the iPhone for iTunes synchronization, I may have a solution for you.

One get a phone with at least a 1Ghz CPU. I will recommend Galaxy S-4G, or G2x. I have the G2x and it surpasses the iPhone. You would want to get a micro-SD card, but this is not too much of a demand. Download iSyncr from either the Market from Google, or Amazon Store. Set up the app to include the program on SD. You would be able to take the SD card out, and with an adapter insert it directly into the PC. It would transfer faster. You would still be using iTunes, but iSyncr will rely on the iTunes playlists, and bring the music. It would then convert the iTunes playlist into a standard Android uses.

Hope this helps,
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roinemanath : So I've been watching the show Orange is the New Black on Netflix (great show, btw...ya gotta check it out) and it's raised some questions. There are people in that prison that have been convicted of murder and sent to federal prison. What's the difference between a murder that sends you to a regular prison vs a federal prison?
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ytcyseo : The degree. 1st degree and you're done. But if you live in Florida, you can get away with murder.
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Shohabmib : Kidnapping with a randsom and murder or robbing a bank and shooting someone and they die or killing a federal officer. and or killing a president. federal prision u do 75 percent of your sentance time and regular prison u only do half of ypur given sentance time
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Dowlfooliog : Only certain crimes fall under federal jurisdiction. For example, when Timothy McVeigh blew up a building in Oklahoma City and killed 168 people, he got one federal charge for mass murder in the course of terrorism, but he got 5 separate murder charges for killing 5 federal agents. If he'd had have been tried for the other 163 murders, those would have been 163 murder charges under Oklahoma law, not federal law, since they weren't federal agents.
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WenBahefforne : I'm not quite sure where El Jefe is getting his information, but murder can be prosecuted under federal or state law, regardless of whether or not it's a federal agent that is killed. Title 18 United States Code, Section 1111 is murder as defined under federal statute (as opposed to 18 USC 1114-Protection of Officers and Employees of the United States-which covers the murder of federal agents). It is solely dependent upon the U.S. Attorney's Office whether or not someone is prosecuted federally for murder, and generally it is in association with-or relation to-other criminal acts that are being prosecuted as part of a federal investigation. Generally speaking, murder is prosecuted at the state level, as it does not rise to the criteria set forth by the U.S. Department of Justice for federal prosecution. Furthermore, for clarification, Tina stated that you do 75 percent of your time in the federal system. Actually, it's 87 percent.
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