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Effitswes : Okayy, I am purchasing a new sim card for prepaid service, and instead of getting the sim card online, Im choosing to get it in stores. So how much would it cost for me, and would it be better to get it offline or in stores?

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scanrpinteyrocza : Defendant pled guilty with a deal to lewdness with minor and was sentenced. Now defendant is not happy with the terms of probation, so his attorney motioned the judge to allow him to drink and have Internet access. They reopened the case but upon a case inquiry I noticed the attorney motioned relieve of counsel. Can someone explain the options or what might be going on?
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Boeolermep : this means your lawyer does not want to be your lawyer anymore.. he has to get the judges ok to be 'revealed' of his position..
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anowslawFlave : "Motion" is a noun, not a verb.
Your attorney MOVED.
He did not "Motion".
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HeernomernegO : Even the Democrats are distancing away from Detroit. After all, they have no use for them now that the election is over.
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KitActick : Next is another triple crown and a world series title
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nanadokilalo : If nothing is done the bankruptcy will repair itself, let's just hope the city leaders realize this before it's too late.
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josede73sk : give a 45,000,000 bailout to the teachers union, onion/turnup greencars LTD LLC amalgamated international,,to be a joint venture betw
UAW,,,,10 union guys to assemble wires,,canadian auto midget company to employ 3,000,available in 3 colors,green,yellow,,pink,
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baofu125 : Liberal policy at its finest. Probably just bail them out again.
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jellettmictez : Detroit going bankrupt is exactly what Republicans want. They outsourced manufacturing jobs, attacked unions, cut public services, and this bankruptcy is the result. Now they can start privatizing city assets.

It is no surprise Republican Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is behind the bankruptcy filing. He even said bankruptcy would be great for Detroit. He says he wants to improve public services but he’s doing the exact opposite. Earlier this year, Snyder appointed emergency manager Kevin Orr (not elected by the people) to take over Detroit’s finances. He began selling off public assets and slashing public services. Detroit has just 1/3 of its ambulances in operation. The average emergency response time for police is 58 minutes. When you have horrible public services, no one wants to live there, which means tax revenues needed to fix the problems drop.

It’s a very vicious cycle and it’s the Republican way. Snyder’s emergency manager is to blame. Now Orr gets to manage the bankruptcy and one of his major targets is public pensions.

On Friday a judge in Lansing ruled that the bankruptcy filing was unconstitutional and must be withdrawn. He said it violates state law to lessen public pension benefits. The Michigan Attorney General has challenged this ruling, so there’s going to be a fight. It’s possible it will go all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court.

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