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igoroldtemkin : Ok, so this was my 1st smartphone and I just began tinkering with it's applications. I installed a lock application and locked my SMS, Contacts, Gallery, Settings, ect. When it told me to type in a password you were able to put LETTERS in it. But whenever I click on a locked app only a number pad comes up so I can't put the password I selected in. I've tried numerous things, there's no way to use the password i selected so someone PLEASE instruct me on how to manually reset my phone!

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ViettePen : Ok so I sold a iphone 5 on craigslist I meet a buyer and he buys the phone for 500 it was dark the money felt off to me but I assumed it was off not fake so IIgive him the phobe he leaves afterwards I go about life I spend the money on different things I bank at secu I go to get money put on a giftcard I get told the money is fake ok I tell them what happened I still have the post up on craigslist I sent a link to it now posts stay on criagslist 40 days so if they dont check soon idk but anyway I also take a screenshot of the text conversation with the guy and I had someone give me a ride up therw who saw me get paid with the money but im concerned because I got in a good bit of trouble wen I was younger shoplifting b\e etc I havent been in any trouble for 4 years but I have been before so im concerned ive never dealt with the fbi now im being told ill be contacted I assumed theyd call the police but they didnt also the guys phone is a real phone he wont answer but its with sprint so if they do a through investigstion theyll find him anyway should I be worried do I need a attorney I signed up for legalshield but this is on my mind and id like to know what a outsider would think
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Effitswes : i think when you have stuff like that your suppose to go to the secret service but normal cops handle that stuff to i think but not as good as a agent would
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noelleterrao : Call the feds.
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QulunEaave : Ok so you are worried that the fbi might be all up in your business but you shouldn't worry cause in this case you are the victim so they will want to catch the criminal who passed you the bogus currency my man and you did the right thing to check with the authorities an all You might also hear from the secret service which usually investigates counterfeit money You won't need an attorney unless they start accusing you and stuff or arrest you and read you your rights
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Spoblororne : You need to call the police and report the guy, give all information you have on it. You will be out the money but you want to get rid of it regardless as you dont want to get caught cashing it.
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arroraceags : For job related reasons I need to have a 415.1 (Domestic misdemeanor) dropped to an Infraction. I fall under a Federal Statute Title 18 that prevents me from obtaining a permit to carry a firearm as a security guard. The Statute was passed several years after I pleaded guilty of the PC 415.1. At that time the court meant for me to continue in my career in security/law enforcement. I have no other incidents on my record involving domestic violence. I am allowed to purchase and own firearms. I have had the P.C. 415.1 expunged but it is still in the Department of Justice system. My job of 10 years is as a security officer for a casino in California that has armed security. I am currently in jeopardy of loosing my job and am placed in duties that do not require a firearm. When I contacted the Department of Justice they said the only way I can get a firearms permit is to have the misdemeanor dropped to an Infraction. I have contacted 3 attorneys and have not been able to find one that knows how to argue my case.
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anydayerast : Yes, it can be. Pen C 415 is what is known as a "wobblette," an offense that can either be an infraction or misdemeanor. (Pen C 17(d), 19.8.) A reduction is possible even after 1203.4 relief has been granted (erroneously called "expungement"--nothing is "expunged"). (Meyer v. Superior Court (1966) 247 Cal.App.2d 133.) All this takes is a motion in the court where the conviction was entered. If the court's intention at the time of the conviction was to allow you to continue your career, and your conduct has been good after conviction, I think your chances of getting the reduction are good.

At attorney can certainly help in this, and perhaps if you provide an attorney with the information above you will get better assistance, but you could do it yourself. Although this website is primarily about 1203.4, it does have some discussion of reducing convictions. The orientation is to the more common reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor, but you should find some useful information anyway.
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opponoNaise : So, I am U.S citizen because my mother was naturalized thus making me a U.S citizen now. But while I was being naturalized, she didn't order a name change for me. (WHY? i have no idea.) So now I want to legally change my name to something else. btw i am a minor.
So I was wondering if im naturalized would it be any different to change my name? If so, what?
Would it be more ideal to change it now since i'm young or wait till im 18?
Also could you please show me the process of changing my name. THANKS!!!
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Turammapeax : How to Use the Name Changing Process Cached
If you're wondering how to get a name change, US Legal Forms has affordable, top-notch name change forms. Whether you need to get a social security name change, DMV ...
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Name change generally refers to the legal act by a person of adopting a name different from their name at birth, marriage or adoption. The procedures and ease of a ...
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This section gives you information on legally changing your name or a minor's name by getting a court order. With a court order you can change your legal name on ...
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Legal Help for Name Change - Changing a Child's Name: Can I Hyphenate My Child's Name to My Married Name. GA I live in GA but my son's biological father ...
Change an Adult's Name - name_change_selfhelp Cached
Criminal Law; Civil Appeals; Self-Help Glossary; Self-Help Feedback Form; Forms & Rules. Browse All Forms; Rules of Court; Opinions. ... File a name change petition
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Name change forms to legally change your name or a minor child's name. Detailed filing instructions included.
Online Name Change With Legal Zoom
We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.
How to Change Your Name After Marriage | eHow Cached
How to Change Your Name After Marriage. ... Illinois state law allows either party to assume the other's last name. How to Change a Name After Marriage in California.
Name Change - Legally Changing Your Name | Cached
Vendor of preparation services of forms effecting a legal name change.
Lawyer, Attorney, Law Firms, Attorneys, Legal Information ... Cached
Find Highly-Rated Lawyers (area of law OR name) Example: Bankruptcy OR Divorce; ... Disclaimer: The information provided on is not legal advice, ...

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