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toitiedykix : I am basically going to purchase the new Motorola Atrix phone and i was wondering 1. what is tethering? and 2. what is the difference between enterprise and non-enterprise tethering.

I have at&t if that makes any difference.

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trelfHexrurry : If this happens right after a police report is made.
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toribhibblerg : Look up the statute of limitations on the specific crime.
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Faceblate : Usually right away. But, don't rush it. The more time that goes by, the better off you are. So, don't call an ask. An older crime may go uncharged. The D A doesn't have time to mess with an old crime. You might try going to an attorney, the first consultation is free.
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MrJasonStar : They don't send out a subpoena to press charges. They issue an arrest warrant and a couple of cops come and pick you up. They have two years for even the simplest charge so don't wait up for them.
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kimmurphyo : I bought a car from my aunt for $500 originally they paid $1500. I put the free and clear no lien title as a gift and in my name. she wrote up a fairly rough agreement saying that I would pay her X amount of money per month until the 1500 was paid off. it was not notarized just a sheet of paper with our agreement. since I have bought the car I have ran into a lot of mechanical as well as electrical issues.

the battery dies constantly and we're not sure if its the battery or worst case scenario it is the alternator. I have not been able to come up with the money to pay her because I have not been able to use the truck to find work. legally my question I guess would be if the scenario where to sit and go into a legal battle would that peice of paper hold up in court?

legally from what I know in the state of Virginia as well as the DMV sees the car as a gift ergo I don't have to pay her shit.
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Bbnolermef : "legally from what I know in the state of Virginia as well as the DMV sees the car as a gift ergo I don't have to pay her ****."

Obviously, you're not an attorney. If you have an agreement that you presumably signed saying you are to pay her, yes that is a legally binding contract. The mechanical problems are irrelevant, as a used car is sold AS IS unless there's a warranty.
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Sonephede : What you signed is a promissory note and it is legally binding so yes you still will have to pay the remaining balance plus court costs if your aunt decides to sue you in small claims court. The fact that you wrote gift on the title paperwork has no bearing on the agreed amount to be paid.
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kimmurphyo : My attorney was completely unprepared for my hearing and failed to present proper evidence that supported my claims. This Lawyer lost my case because he didn't do the work. Can anyone state the actual laws that protect us from dead beat attorneys
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arroraceags : no federal law. In a criminal case, the constitutional right to counsel includes the right to the effective assistance of counsel, but that extends only to criminal cases.
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