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Hiepzinensake : How can i disable the message sent tone on Samsung Cht 335

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Heaccaccawn : im not sure if this will do it but go into messages and turn off delivery reports.
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Booftoino : My boyfriend is now a felon and jus recently got out of jail. The police stopped him one day and ran his info, come to find out he had a warrant out for his arrest and neither one of us knew. Its for burglary and vandilism. This happened 3 years ago(2010) but the lady jus now put a warrent out on the 4th of july. Mind u hes been locked up since new years of 2012 and jus came home may of this year so he hasnt had any contact with this lady what so ever! They ended up arresting him but releasing on bond. He went to his 1st court date to get a lawyer and another court date. My question is why why would she wait 3 years later to press charges? Will it stick in court? What might happen?
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Emaimiply : The incident will stick in court no matter how long ago it was. Maybe she had no money to hire a lawyer?
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Hoonorshani : Did he burgle or vandalize her property? That the question which will determin the outcome. She has seven years from the incident to report him and press charges but the judge will take note of the fact that he waited three years and weigh it into the descisuons he makes. He did good o get an attorney. I doubt he will see jail time over this. Let us know-did he do it or not

What judge was wiling issuing warrants on July fourth?
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oscinkikix : In most states, all criminal charges. with the exception of murder, have a statute of limitations for prosecution. Usually it is seven years from the time that the crime was committed.

The SOL rules vary greatly from state to state so it is difficult to give you an accurate answer on what will happen without knowing what state you are talking about.
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lialpinsamy : I own rental property in southern california

I recently purchased and read the 15th edition of the nolo press "the california landlord's law book, evictions". I have seven questions. are there any attorneys versed in california landlord/tenant law that would consider answering them for me?
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malLalebalk : You can ask one or two questions here at a time and we may try to help you find the answers, since Y!A Community Guidelines prohibit actual "legal advice".

The more generic the question, the more generic the answer.
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songfeng305 : There may be. However, I would really not trust the word of anonymous strangers who may or may not actually be attorneys.

Why not use Nolo's lawyer referral service? I'm sure there would be some who would answer a few questions pro bono.
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hamyarragma : The martin family attorney says "question" like "quarstion?"
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