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phsinanchl : I'm planning on purchasing a new GPU (Graphics card) for a PC I recently purchased, but I need to know what will I have to change in the list below???

Memory Type: DDR3

Total Memory Size: 8GB

Memory Slots (Total): 4

Memory Slots (Available): 0

Memory Configuration: 2GB + 2GB + 2GB + 2GB

Maximum Memory Supported: 16GB - 64 bit

Lifestyle: Gaming
Home & Student

Condition: New

Operating Systems: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

Colors: Black

Platform: PC

Orientations Allowed: Vertical

Bays: 2 - 5.25" Drive Bays
4 - 3.5" Drive Bays

Available 3.5" Drive Bays: 3

Available 5.25" Drive Bays: 1

PCI Express X1 Slots (Total): 3

PCI Express X1 Slots (Available): 2

PCI Express X16 Slots (Total): 1

PCI Express X16 Slots (Available): 0

PS/2 Connectors: 1 - Mouse
1 - Keyboard

USB Ports (Total): 6x USB 2.0 (Rear)
4x USB 2.0 (Front)

Audio Out Jacks: 1
1 - HD Headphone Jack

Line In Jacks: 1

Microphone Jacks: 1 - HD Microphone Jack

DVI Video: 1

DisplayPorts: 1

HDMI Ports: 1

Processor Brand: Intel

Processor Class: Core i7

Processor Number: i7-2600

Processor Speed: 3.4GHz

Processors Onboard: 1

Hard Drives Included: 1

Interface: SATA

Capacity: 1TB

Hard Drive Types: Hard Disk Drive

Speed: Green Product (Variable Speed)

Optical Drive Type: 16x DVD±R/RW Supermulti drive

Optical Drives Included: 1

Supplemental Media Type: Media Reader

Capacity: Multi-in-one

Media Types: SmartMedia
Memory Stick Duo
Memory Stick PRO Duo
Memory Stick PRO
Secure Digital (SD)
Reduced Size Multimedia Card
Memory Stick Micro
MMC Mobile
CF+ MicroDrive
Compact Flash Il
Compact Flash I
MultiMediaCard (MMC)
HC MMCmobile
HC MMCplus
Memory Stick (MS)

Audio Chipset: High Definition Audio

Channels: 5.1-channel audio support


Video Memory: 1.5GB Memory

WiFi Description: Wireless 802.11 b/g/n

WiFi Standards Supported: 802.11b

LAN Data Transfer Rate: 10/100/1000Mbps

LAN Description: Gigabit Ethernet

LAN Interface Type: RJ-45

LAN Ports: 1

Power: 450 Watt

Productivity Applications: Office 2010 preloaded; purchase a product key to activate.

Mouse Type: Optical

Keyboard Type: Multimedia

Height: 14.92"

Width: 7.09"

Depth: 15.82"
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vemsmealsesar : You might not have to change anything if you get a low end card that uses PCI-Express x16.

But if you get a mid-high end card then you'll probably need to get a power supply with more wattage as 450W is quite low.
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FoodsPrer : and that it wasn't part of Zimmerman's defense?

Stand Your ground means you have no obligation to retreat before you defend yourself
Zimmerman could NOT retreat because there was someone on top of him.
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geickmstam : Well before he admits to the public that he knows the meaning he's got to put on a show for the NAACP. That racist group will whine and cry with our liberal medias help until they get some attention.
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Gyncdyecy : You are so gullible. Travon was a child lawfully walking down the sidewalk after purchasing his favorite candy and was pursued by Zimmerman.
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Cogsweilligue : The Attorney General should also know what States' Rights are. He has no business intervening in state laws. If the Feds try to bring a civil rights case against Zimmerman they are going to be humiliated. Racism can not be proved in this case.
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npletcherbrl : Joe. He does know what it means. There is no law now or on the books of
all 50 states that is called the Stand your ground law. There is no such term
legally. All criminal codes in this country are dictated to and governed by
the statutes that deal with deadly force. In Florida the Law is. Fl, C.C. 776.041

Holder is not even reviewing his own investigation arms context on the
investigation they carried out and concluded that Zimmerman was not
acting out in a manner to include any civil right violation.

Holder once again needs to resign and be removed as Obamas errand boy.
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joncooperst : Why didn't Martian have the right to Stand his Ground? He was the one being followed at night in the dark. Zimmerman could of just as easily been a mugger. Martian had the right under law to Stand his Ground and confront the person following him.

Under the law Martian was the one with that right.
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kViktuk : Shouldn't you know what you are talking about before posting a rant on the subject? It sure doesn't sound like you do.
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QRmillsFW : He know what it means. You do not.

When you can use killing as the first line of defense and not the last more death will happen. You will ignore this until they start killing white people in your block. Take off the fedora and you can hear things better.
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