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Pawwrercesata : Trayvon did not was he standing his ground.

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tevatriaday : Yes. Holder is only trying to appease the left.
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geickmstam : Well before he admits to the public that he knows the meaning he's got to put on a show for the NAACP. That racist group will whine and cry with our liberal medias help until they get some attention.
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Cogsweilligue : The Attorney General should also know what States' Rights are. He has no business intervening in state laws. If the Feds try to bring a civil rights case against Zimmerman they are going to be humiliated. Racism can not be proved in this case.
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npletcherbrl : Joe. He does know what it means. There is no law now or on the books of
all 50 states that is called the Stand your ground law. There is no such term
legally. All criminal codes in this country are dictated to and governed by
the statutes that deal with deadly force. In Florida the Law is. Fl, C.C. 776.041

Holder is not even reviewing his own investigation arms context on the
investigation they carried out and concluded that Zimmerman was not
acting out in a manner to include any civil right violation.

Holder once again needs to resign and be removed as Obamas errand boy.
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joncooperst : Why didn't Martian have the right to Stand his Ground? He was the one being followed at night in the dark. Zimmerman could of just as easily been a mugger. Martian had the right under law to Stand his Ground and confront the person following him.

Under the law Martian was the one with that right.
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kViktuk : Shouldn't you know what you are talking about before posting a rant on the subject? It sure doesn't sound like you do.
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Knoprubsop : The 2012 Florida Statutes


Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force....

776.032?Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.— (1)?A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting the defendant. (2)?A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used was unlawful. (3)?The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection (1). History.—s. 4, ch. 2005-27.

They cannot be that stupid or maybe they are, here is the law to update them regarding FLORIDA not California law. enjoy
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Jeniferxfs, : Because legality is tough to understand and media rhetoric is easy to absorb. Al sharpton is no lawyer or legal expert. He is just an emotional speaker. Emotions and law don't mix

The statutes of Florida are so incredibly tough when it comes to self defense that possibly no prosecutor in the world can come close to defeating then in court
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lolowsNem : the only people who bring up OJ are conservatives.

Your'e basically demanding why we should agree with you.
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