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advoloSailm : I'm on a pay monthly contract with Vodafone, is there a special number I can ring or text that will let me know how many minutes I have left??? Thanks

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DavidVH : charged with second degree murder if he was Black?
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Rabjossybop : No. He was stating fact based on the record of the attorney general's track record
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konwo724 : He was playing an attorney and knows this case is about race. Whites don't defend themselves against the blk man!
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PoitoProvemog : he is a racist it seems
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irriddick : to do the job?
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plaulvavoselt : Can't find an American? But there are millions on this planet :-) !

Anyway.. to do 'the' job? Wow, that's very descriptive of you. I'm guessing their salary level is over 9000 for that sort of job.
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breakmotio : You are talking about an H1-B visa. The cost, including attorney, labor certification, etc. is about $5K per petition. Filing is done from April 1 and the available visa slots are usually filled within a week or less. You'll need to advertise the position first and show that you were not able to find anybody to fill the position. The wage you are offering has to be fair, meaning market correct. An H1-B visa holder makes about $100K annually, sometimes a bit less, but sometimes considerably more.
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Errollofe : $3000 up How come you cant find an American what is the job?. Last time I checked there where millions of Americans looking for work so unless its such a High powered or specialist position forget about hiring a foreigner as USCIS and the Dept of labor will not approve it. You cant just hire a foreigner like that unless he has USA work Status already then its good to go.
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sonNeabyPoone : you can find an american, all you have to do is put it online under some job websites
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