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VummaRoorbVag : I broke my phone yesterday and would like to buy a new one. I saw a used phone online for 150$ and would like to buy it. If I buy this phone, can I reactivate it for free to replace my old phone, or is there an extra fee? I would like to stay on the same plan

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napTynccreecy : no. You can change devices as often as you like (only once a 24 hour period!), but there are no fees to do so. You just tell them that you lost your phone and would like to transfer your service to a new device. They'll ask for the IMEI or serial number on the new phone. Then they'll give you a code for activation and viola! it is finished.
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pydradannoplel : Do you believe - like his defense claimed - that he was too big of a Sissy to throw a punch back after taking 8 months of MMA clases?

Do you believe his sissy defense?
garrytwo believes Zimmerman is a Sissy! Thanks for chiming in vote for Sissy Defense!
no no no...saxon...that WAS his defense. His lawyer's expert witness testified uder oth tht zimerman was incapable of throwing punch. It IS in the transcript. He claimed to be a sissy, period, Saxon. Read the trranscript Saxon.....the Sissy defense was used to paint the picture that he was defenseless, other than using his gun. He claimed to be a sissy and there is nothing heroic about shooting an unarmed 17 yo when no crime was being comitted, grow up, pal.
Ahhh, wrong and lame you are. You allong with a great many yahoos here are apparently unaware of how change takes place in the USA. But then again, I don't expect scholarly responses from you nor one that makes semse. One way change occurs is trough social pressure. Why don't you sit back and watch how this unfolds little one?

Are you naive enough to believe there won't be civil chanrges pressed? I believe that is exactly how naive you are, Ryan. Go sleepy now, K?
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grearoriure : I believe trayvon should have kept his hands to himself. he may have been alive today.
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Fecregree : I don't believe that was his attorneys' argument.

The argument was that Trayvon Martin assaulted him and that he was justified in defending himself. The jury agreed with that argument.

By the way, it's hilarious that you describe Zimmerman as a "sissy" when he is the exact opposite. He is a brave hero who risked his own life in putting down a violent criminal.

The fact that you choose to use the word "sissy" to describe somebody who is being mauled by a violent criminal is not relevant to either what actually happened or to what the defense was. Grow up pal.

Your claim that no crime was being committed is laughable. All evidence shows that Trayvon Martin assaulted George Zimmerman and was in the process of battering him. I don't know where you live, but that is a crime in the state of Florida.

You should be ashamed of yourself.
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ugg675o : i believe he was acquitted of all charges and that it doesnt matter anymore. why get worked up about something you cannot change. just relax my brotha
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maxussynk : A sissy has to carry a gun if he is going after a teenager with skittles.
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Uploalemasp : Eric Holder has shown in his speeches that he is a racist. The "My People" speech he made shows this beyond any doubt. Any court would agree that he is racist.

It is time for people to demand his resignation and to demand an attorney general that is not biased or racist.
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wattplailky : The man is a Racist and spokesperson for the Black Panthers
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lsophiaj : Holder is a liar and a fool. Obama is a liar and a fool. Both have the same ideology and both will lie without provocation to promote them.

Their chief supporters are radical Marxist academics, brainwashed students of the aforementioned, and the black minority.
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