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rikesuiburnsc : Just got this phone, have all my contacts stored, but when they call me it comes up as unknown without a phone # even. Im sure it has something to do with phone and sd contacts, but I cant figure out how to fix ot for the life of me! And I cant tell who is calling when my phone rings, help please!!!

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Maccullam : or are they the real thing. I need to know because this might be the only chance to get my misdemeanor domestic battery expunge or sealed. I've been curious about these sites since several months ago and they given me a glimmer of hope.
I want to here from anyone who had an experience with this site.
I've been skeptical too because i went through all the reviews on the site and on Google and about 9 out of 10 are positive so I'm assuming unless these are all paid to make a bogus review, I'm assuming it's the real thing and besides they say you can get in contact with a highly trained attorney.
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Unrerolor : scam. only the court can expunge criminal records. I don't have any experience with this site but just knowing the legal system, an outside company can't erase records, think about it.
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zakladykliczko : I'm not going to say yes or no to these sites, but just like any site that offers easy results for a cost - are to be scrutinized. Today, there are scams that promise the world, and all they do is take your money. If a site offers to help, it involves hiring an attorney, because that is what it has to take. Suggestions from a website to a judge to seal or expunge your records - won't happen.

Having been in law enforcement, I have had experienced the difficulties with friends, acquaintances and some that have attempted to expunge a criminal record. What it takes: If someone pleads 'Not Guilty' but is convicted, it is a better chance to get a record sealed or expunged. But if pleading guilty, it is not possible. If having accepted a plea deal, this is the equivalent to pleading guilty and it is not possible for a criminal record to be sealed and or expunged. (All this has to do with being charged as an adult) Not meaning to lower your hopes/your glimmer of hope. And of course, things may have changed since I was aware.

EDIT/ADDITION: If the website is legit, you can save money by making appointments with at least Two (2) criminal attorneys that offer Free consultations. They will better know to tell you your options as per your circumstances. The website (Being a middle man) is going to make money, and besides, you need to talk to an attorney Face-to-face, and not through a middle person. Do this in your home town. To be honest, a local criminal attorney should have a small fee (something like a couple of hundred dollars) because all it takes is knowing whether you plead guilty and the current rules that I knew - used to be. Good luck to you.
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glenckistr : You get the AG you deserve. Get out there and DO something.
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Dopsgroolla : He's in charge of it, genius.
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QulunEaave : We should.

However, our attorney general is a joke.
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andremartin : Yes. Holder is a criminal who should be in prison due to fast and furious.
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buy neopoints : Holder is a criminal so he will never respect the juries decision.
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Veilepype : We don't pay our Attorneys General to teach. And we don't allow our social studies departments in our public schools sufficient time to teach about such things. We don't allow it because Republican politicians deny funding for proper secondary education in keeps the stinkers in power!
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