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CristeCrype : I'm trying to not break the phone... I turn the phone on, and it tells me to put the sim card in... I'm afraid I may remove the keypad from the phone if I try to open the back...

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Pakwearce : I was at a department store and a storm came through and knocked out the power. Me (along with everyone else) went and tried to leave the store, which was almost pitch-black. A security guard stood at all exits and said we could not leave because the power shut off the anti-theft devices and "we could be stealing stuff." The guards were typical mouth-breather meat heads, almost like club bouncers so no one really tried to argue as they were intimidated. We were stuck there for an hour and a half, sitting around on chairs or benches, not allowed to leave until power came back on.

Can I sue this store and will I win?
False imprisonment is a restraint of a person in a bounded area without justification or consent. False imprisonment is a common-law felony and a tort. It applies to private as well as governmental detention.
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xiaozh5p : You can sue anybody for anything. The issue is whether you will win. In this matter, what are your damages? "False imprisonment" is generally limited to actions taken by government officials, not private citizens and private entities. Your action would be in the realm of tort, for which you would need to prove money damages and not merely inconvenience. If you want to pursue this, see an attorney who handles civil litigation.
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Gysrere : The attorney general appears to be for Trayvon Martin. Is it because he could be racist?
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uncentre : yes. that is a requirement to work for Obama
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gorodezpup : You know he is or you wouldn't be asking this question. Yes everyone knows he is. That's what they need to do to keep America Divide for Votes
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DegreeMoon : I don't want to go to the State Bar because I know she is very vindictive because when I came in her office she was handing something to her receptionist to file a counter-suit (I figured out later) about an "allegation" of a complaint. Honestly didn't figure this out at the time because I haven't had to have an attorney before and was wrapped into my case so much.
She was so horrible after I gave her my money $1000,00, I only e-mailed her twice and called her twice and never got a phone call until a month later just 4 days before my hearing to tell me to calm down and she would talk to me the day before my date. Then I found out from a friend that she spoke to the person who made this claim that she had called him and said she wanted to make an agreement (I had no idea about this) to get a settlement! What is a good website to complain for Los Angeles? I've already changed attorneys.
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teesmarne : i dont know ur dead once her dad finds out cus hes gonna murder u in cold blood
say good bye to ur life and Ny dreams u may have

also whats his name
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smediavevield : The age of consent in Washington is 16. There can be various felony rape penalties applicable when greater age differences are involved. Washington also has "immoral communication with a minor" statutes that can come into play.

These two should be waiting until she's at least 16 to be safe. And even then, sex this young is usually still a bad idea. If the couple is "for real," they should wait.

I'd also point out that the condom failure rate for "typical" use in preventing pregnancy (never mind diseases) is 15%. That's huge. That's almost 1 in 5 odds of getting pregnant, especially over a period of time. Seriously, that's huge. If the lottery had odds that good, someone should be betting heavily. Try flipping a coin 5 times and see if you can call it correctly every time. No? Get ready for a pregnancy to still occur and to have your life permanently altered.
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aZoTGwFg : This is how sex laws work in Michigan and ALOT of states.
15 and younger CANNOT have sex legally
16-17 CAN have sex legally (the age to consent is 16)
16-17 CANNOT have sex with 18+ (This is called Statutory Rape, Adult has sex with minor with permission and consent) keep in mind to the Government you are nothing but a # to their eyes an 18 and 17 yr old is the same as a 80 and a 16
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