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jajidmeu : I just got the ATT Motorola Atrix 4G about a week ago. I like the phone, but the unlock/lock button is driving me crazy. The button is located on the top/back part of the phone (very awkward to press)..and I put a case on the phone which make the button even more difficult to press every time I want to use the phone (even to look at what time it is!). I would like to use the finger print scanner, however in the case it's hard to slide my finger properly. I am not really good with technology and I am trying to learn (this is my first smartphone and android phone), but I am wondering if there is anyway to change the screen unlock/lock button to one of the side volume buttons or something? If there is I would love to know, and you would save me from the annoying button everyday!

Also to android users: what are some good apps, the best browser for the web, and any other advice you could tell me?

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Bocaaeropip : Or just another excuse for race-baiting thugs to steal?
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Exeffuemi : Many Trayvons would argue beating random joggers is .
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Geannaicelype : I would be willing to bet that over 2/3 of them haven't a clue about the trial. This just makes the stereotypical black conform to what people perceive them to be.
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ExannaMaf : It done not be a riot unless you gets to steal, yo.
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VurripsypeRip : Some people will use any excuse to steal.

This has nothing what so ever to do with the case. It's just people that will not accept the jury's decision simple because it doe's not agree with their opinion.

The fact that the jury heard and saw evidence that no one else did and based their decision on that evidence will not keep some people from thinking that they are still wrong.
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engescues : maybe they're just angry... throwing tea in a harbor may not be the best way to protest new taxes... but things happen when you get angry sometimes
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flazyzotreart : Under Holder's new Trayvon Martin laws that Obama will enact by executive order (and don't you dare object to that), it will be a civil rights violation to use the word "thug" in reference to an African American.

Even if he has the word "thug" tattooed on his chest, like this one:
Judge wants trial in baby killing before year ends
Apr. 5, 2013
'The suspect's 78-year-old great grandfather, McKinley Elkins Jr., took the witness stand and promised the judge he would personally look after his great grandson if he was released from jail pending trial.

'"I truly believe, deep down in my heart, that he will be a gentleman from this day forward," the elder Elkins said.

'But just how well the great grandfather knew Elkins was called into question when he was unable to tell District Attorney Jackie Johnson where the teenager went to school, whether he had any tattoos, or even where he lived.

'Roderic Nohilly, a Glynn County police detective, told the judge Elkins had several tattoos — a teardrop by his right eye, his mother's name on his right arm, a skull on his abdomen and the words "Thug Life" across his chest.'
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Varvef : Yes.. That works.
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Graiccaky : isn't it what conservatives wanted as they keep repeating it over and over, " will they be riots" "when will blacks riot" over the internet and media in the last 4 days?
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