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bypxlnline : I hold down on sayings on soundboards and make the sound my notification ringtone. It worked the first day I had the phone, but now it just makes a normal sound even though I tried to change it. How can I change it?

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spooppils : They want people to be victims and helpless.
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Jeromenoblejl : Because it keeps "his people" from breathing when they try to rape and rob you.
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novaexate : They only object when blacks are affected, they could care less about whites.
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shumbamma : Because it lowers the standard required for self-defense to the point where being found not guilty of a crime for murdering someone is much easier.

For example, a man calls 911 to a parking lot. The police show up, and he's shot another man to death. There are no witnesses to the shooting. The man says "He was advancing on me with his fists raised, telling me he was going to beat me to death."

Under the normal self-defense standard, the police would arrest him and the prosecution would establish that he was armed, the other guy was not, it was a big open parking lot, he was not injured or even bruised, and a reasonable juror would conclude that he did not exhaust the opportunity to just draw his gun and back away.

Under the "stand your ground" standard, there's little to say other than "Guess he's not guilty!" No one can prove that the other guy *didn't* advance on him with his fists up and threaten to beat him to death.

So, basically, "Stand Your Ground" laws are a license to murder, as long as there aren't any witnesses. That's very disturbing.
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gestundurgire : Things escalate.

While standing up to "terrorists" makes sense, since they will take advantage of weakness... the fact is that if someone is determined to strike, you can only make things worse by standing your group.

The ZImmerman/Martin situation is a prime example. ZImmerman would never have had his head smacked into the ground and Martin wouldn't have been shot had it not been for "stand your ground."
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aeroreimumb : The STAND YOUR GROUND law gives an armed individual the right to provoke a situation where they can use said gun to kill legally.
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bulapyday : 4 egregious stand your ground cases--
Joe Horn
Greyston Garcia
Trevor Dooley
James Patrick Wonder

There are others. These are the worst.
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exacuutneak : One improbable but possible explanation: If the Law becomes a "prime"
factor in the country, then all the gang related shootings in Chicago,
could become "defensible". IF I'm sitting on steps in front of my home
and somebody drives up shooting, I can "defend" myself, legally. Thus,
I could "claim" the action as part of my reputation and tie the courts into
knots resolving the validity of the law. My street rep is solid and serves
as a warning at the same time.
Discredit the law and you have less enforcement and prosecution issues.
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reteAmeli : Because it upholds the rule of law as seen in literally all Western republics.
Such laws have been passed in REACTION to Democrat-run Courts injecting ILLEGAL doctrine into cases, putting burden of proof on DEFENDANTS not just to PROVE self-defense but also that there was NOTHING they COULD HAVE done differently that MIGHT have prevented to attack.

You CAN'T keep party out of this. Your ONLY options(1) are
> Support lawful self-defense by voting Republican.
> Support criminalizing survival of assault by voting Democrat.
> Say "I don't care either way" by not voting or voting minor-party.

(1) This year, not necessarily forever.
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