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novaexate : They only object when blacks are affected, they could care less about whites.

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gestundurgire : Things escalate.

While standing up to "terrorists" makes sense, since they will take advantage of weakness... the fact is that if someone is determined to strike, you can only make things worse by standing your group.

The ZImmerman/Martin situation is a prime example. ZImmerman would never have had his head smacked into the ground and Martin wouldn't have been shot had it not been for "stand your ground."
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aeroreimumb : The STAND YOUR GROUND law gives an armed individual the right to provoke a situation where they can use said gun to kill legally.
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DavidVH : charged with second degree murder if he was Black?
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Rabjossybop : No. He was stating fact based on the record of the attorney general's track record
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konwo724 : He was playing an attorney and knows this case is about race. Whites don't defend themselves against the blk man!
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PoitoProvemog : he is a racist it seems
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Ceanolobgenly : To make a very long story short, I have been dealing with CPS for about almost a year now. With public defenders, Situations being outrageously misunderstood, and being backstabbed by some close people and others, Im tired of trying to be nice and letting them have "the ball in their court". I really need to know how long it usually takes to get the ball rolling to get my babies back. I want to hire a better lawyer cuz my public one isn't helping me at all. so, basically if anyone knows the steps i need to do to get my loved babies back and how long the process usually takes to even get in front of a judge. thank you so much
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toribhibblerg : You want the truth? I will give you the truth. Do not bother fighting the judge, CPS, public pretenders, ect ect ect. U will lose.
Your children didnt get "taken away" you gave them away. Why? Bc you either: are/were on drugs, had a bunch of bad traffic in your place of living, hanging out with a bunch of lames, haters, tweakers. There's no other way honestly.
It toOk me almost 2 years to get my daughter back. I worked hard to get her back. I I'd what was required. If u love ur kids, you'll do what is required, and stay away from toxic people places and things.
Take care and I hope you do what it takes.

P.s a private attorney will make u do what the court requires anyway.
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Faceblate : There is NO way you can get a case against CPS, the ball is in their court until your situation changes greatly. Just do what you have to do. An Attorney cannot do anything for you at this stage.
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