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Sleeryrub : im looking around 150 maybe my friend has a blackberry 3g but im not sure really i need help im 13 and would use it for texts and social networking and im in the uk!

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urbatotoona : Try ATT's network and look at things like the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, all of their Blackberries, an anything under the smart phone category! (: Hope I helped!
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Torrentyzadarmo : Ok so I have two dogs who had puppies, my friend who was 17 at the time wanted one to own together with her boyfriend who was 18 but the dog was going to live in her house. so I made sure it was ok with her mom, we all sat down and talked and it was agreed that she was allowed to have the dog as long as she got a job and took care of dog,which she did. It was also agreed that if she did not hold her end of the bargain her mom would give dog back to me. She didn't obtain a license from the town to own the dog but we signed a contract with her boyfriend that he was the owner but the dog lived with her and if it could not be cared for or was being mistreated or abused in any way I would assume ownership of the dog and it would be returned to me.

Everything was fine for 2 months, then her mom signed over the dog for adoption, saying she was the owner and had animal control come pick it up. I called the animal shelter where dog was taken 30 minutes after animal control picked it up and was told the dog was adopted. The mom is not the owner of the dog and signed adoption papers saying she was, the town shelter did not ask for license or proof of ownership because she has none. My friend, the boyfriend, tried to explain to animal control he was the owner because they would not listen to his GF because she is 17 and by law not allowed to own a dog, they didn't believe him or let show his contract as proof. They spoke to a lawyer who's charging them $2500, lawyer recommended suing her mother because she broke the law and falsified legal documents stating she owned dog. They didn't have the $ at first but when the mom heard she could get fined or arrested she gave her money from her inheritance to pay the lawyer. They have payed lawyer $2500 for 18 hours and are in process of suing town shelter to extradite the new owners of the dog. But town I don't think is cooperating right now.

I don't think shelter did anything illegal (the mother did) and i think the shelter might not cooperate with giving the lawyer the new owners. Even if they do get the new owners, they didn't do anything illegal, so how could they win a lawsuit against someone who now has a license to own this dog and adopted it through legal means? Also they only payed for 18 hours and they text and call the lawyer multiple times everyday, is that taking away from the time she charged them for? If there are any legal professionals or someone who knows about animal adoption processes in NY state can you give me your opinion on this matter....

Please don't answer this question with a question, if you don't understand the question don't answer just so you can get 2 points for not being helpful at all. I asked this question before and got nothing except people asking me why her mom agreed to her having the dog and then gave it away to be adopted, I don't why, I called and asked her and she hung up on me. Her mom is not a nice person, she is very mean to her children and is not right in the head. And the other question people asked was in regards to the lawyer, only my friends who I gave the dog to have a lawyer, her mom does not have one. She is no longer suing her mom because her mom gave her the money to pay the lawyer out of her inheritance (she doesn't have access to it until 21 but her mom does) so they agreed not to press charges on her. They are suing the shelter because the supervisor of the shelter will not provide the names of the people who adopted their dog, so the lawyer my friends hired advised them that they have to sue them in order to get the names and contact info of the dogs new owner. Ok I think I covered everything anyone could get confused about.
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beiftequise : You want anyone to read that mess SHORTEN it to 2 paragraphs or less.
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PeamsweaKskep : If they can, they should go to the lawyer and fire them, and ask for the remainder of the money back.

They are not going to get the dog back.
First of all, as you said, the girl whose mother turned in the dog could not legally sign a contract, and therefore cannot own the dog. The dog was living in the home, and therefore the mother would have assumed legal responsibility for the dog as the adult. The rest of the description doesn't matter, because as the adult with the ultimate responsibility for the dog would be legally able to sign the turn-in form at the pound.

The boyfriend may have once had part ownership, but since the dog did not live with him, he would have to hope the judge would even listen to his claim. Usually, proof of ownership must not only be in the form of a sale contract, but also vet bills in the owner's name or other proof of providing for the dog. Simply being part of the acquisition of the dog might not be enough, unless the dog was co-registered with AKC or some other official agency.

You would be the one to actually have a case against the mother. In your description, you say that you actually negotiated what is known as Right of First Refusal - meaning that if the dog were not staying with them, you would need to be offered it back FIRST before anyone else. That is not what she did, and therefore YOU are the one who has a legitimate complaint the court might hear.

So - given that judges don't like dog custody battles, and more often than not side with the shelter, you need to consider the following.
- The dog has been adopted, and presumably is now in a loving home. Rather than get this dog back on principle, it would really be more humane to leave it alone.
- The adopters have done nothing wrong, and you can be sure they would get a lawyer and fight back - which no one can afford - and you would just be causing upset where there now is none.
- The shelter acted ethically, and had no knowledge of your agreement with any of these people. They had every right to accept the dog from your friend's mother.

-The supposed co-ownership with the BF was nebulous at best. People who are too young to be married should never get a dog "together", because they are not. This is an excellent example of what can and does go wrong. They could just as easily have broken up, and the dog would be at her house without him.

- The turn-in form gives absolute ownership and future determination to the shelter when it is signed. There is no provision for any breach of privacy as to where the dog is now, nor would the shelter be advised by THEIR attorney to divulge that. The shelter - or the town- could be sued by the new owners for telling anyone that.

This is something shelters and rescues deal with every day. Some shelters have a three day wait period before any dog is considered officially brought in to the rescue, because of family disputes like this. They seek to avoid just this kind of situation, where there could be a claim on a dog by another member of the family - but in this case, the daughter is a minor, and the boyfriend cannot show proof of current ownership - which would have been AFTER the agreement you made.

Pursuing this any further is a complete waste of your friend's inheritance money. She would be well advised to terminate her lawyer, and ask for a complete accounting of any costs incurred - meaning give her a bill, and make sure she gets some money back. She won't win, and the lawyer shouldn't have taken the case.

You could sue the mother for breach of contract - but only if the contract you have has been signed and witnessed by someone who did not also have an interest in the contract - meaning not your friend who is a minor or her BF. Otherwise, it would be very hard or impossible to prove in court. Unless you are wealthy, there is no way it 's going to be worth doing.

Stop hassling the shelter. They never have enough money to save the dogs they are faced with, and every resource you make them use to fight you is taken away from doing their job. I would suggest that you be very happy the dog seems to have been adopted out, and not ask for information you cannot be given, so you can bother people who have not hurt anyone.

The lessons here -
Always have a signed contract with adults, and have it notarized.
Do not place dogs in a home with a person who is "not nice".
NEVER give, sell, or otherwise convey a dog to any couple as co-owners. It never ends well.
Not every wrong should be made right.
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esyez028 : need a lawyer to help my sons
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pozycjeswe : Most attorneys offer free consultations, but require appointments.
See as many as possible for the best defense and acceptance of payment plans.
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inferveOnerve : I was aressted 2 days ago for harassment in 2nd degree and was a false accusation by my sister she thought I was going to call the cops for her hitting me (I didn't call) so she called and had me put in jail I was released the next day and was told I'm going to trail next month I know the facts of our fight will come out and I have pictures of the marks she left on me and also she won't be here for the trail she is going back to florida in 2 days and has not talked to the distrcit attorney about the fight does anyone have any idea of what will happen will the charges get dropped if she doesn't show up or if my side of what happened comes out and proof that I didn't do anything during the fight I have no idea since I have no criminal history ever anything could help...??????
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OthefShoratte : New York State law harassment:

"You are fat."

"wahhh. You hurt my feelings."

$2,000 dollar fine and it's in your permanent records.
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seicalminee : Nothing. His sponsor has to do it. His sponsor is his US citizen parent, sibling, spouse, or child over 21 years old.
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