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browadonha : my last phone broke just before christmas and have been using an old phone since, i had the first iphone and lasted me nearly 2 years and loved it and i don't know how i could go back to a normal phone. i was going to get a blackberry but i like iphones better plus every ones blackberrys break all the time, so was looking to get iphone 4 is it best to get it on a contract or pay as you go, i don't want a big contract either really less than 25pound a month as i normally only top up 15 a month but tesco has this iphone for £20 a month and obviously had to pay for phone for like 300 or something like that but its no longer on the site at that price.

were is the cheapest place for iphone 4?
is iphone for best on contract or pay as you go?

if i weight for iphone 5 how much more do you think it will cost?
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jihuo1408g61 : During a segment on MSNBC which was focused on the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict, Michael Eric Dyson, a black male professor of sociology (Professor of sociology? Gee, how tough that must have been to get a degree in, right? LOL) at Georgetown University, said the following:

"White Americans and others will feel that this was a justifiable verdict, this is how things happen. Not until, and unless, the number of white kids die that approximate the numbers of black and other kids who die, will America see.”

Michael Eric Dyson: More White Kids Need to Die for America to Understand Racism

On the same MSNBC segment, Michael Eric Dyson also called on Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to take unspecified “bold” and "courageous” action.

Considering 95 percent or more of the murders of black people in America comes at the hand of other black people (and that most intra-racial murders are black-on-white) what exactly is Michael Eric Dyson suggesting? It's the dysfunction in the black community that leads to the fratricidal slaying of blacks by other blacks, which is why many white people (and businesses) avoid being in black areas, if they can avoid it, that is.

So, what "bold" action should President Obama and the carnivorous Eric "My People" Holder take? Would Michael Eric Dyson advocate an Executive Order from the Obama regime to establish a day, a week, or a month where it's legal for black people to kill white people? (Perhaps Jaimie Foxx would like that.)

Feds: 49% Of Murder Victims Are Black Men

Guns and Race
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juniperex : no he is retarded
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teesmarne : Let me guess you dislike blacks but only when a white person is victim its okay sad really.
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FriendAbigail : It is a felony and he should be charged.
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SkipSnuntee : See that's the whole point. All you and other racists have is "more murders of black people are by the hands of black people". So what's your point?

When white crazy men kill white children, you take action. Go all out. All he is saying, why don't YOU (THE WHITE COMMUNITY) do the same for black children, no matter the race?

Name 1 law that was done in honor of a black child who was murdered/killed. I can name scores of laws made in honor of white children.
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Jaramaree : Of course! That is a fundamental characteristic of liberalism.
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coomypeacroxy : No, the liberals didn't pull the race card and it doesn't benefit them.
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Errommeds : I'm pretty sure all 20 of the children in Newtown were white.
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