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juniperex : no he is retarded

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teesmarne : Let me guess you dislike blacks but only when a white person is victim its okay sad really.
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FriendAbigail : It is a felony and he should be charged.
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EpildKitillek : Wow. This guy is a complete @ss hole. If this guy had a single brain cell, he would understand that the number of blacks to whites in the, for lack of a better word, ghettos is disproportionate. Obviously more people are going to get killed in the not-so-nice parts of town.

Plus, plenty of white children have died but for other reasons.
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SkipSnuntee : See that's the whole point. All you and other racists have is "more murders of black people are by the hands of black people". So what's your point?

When white crazy men kill white children, you take action. Go all out. All he is saying, why don't YOU (THE WHITE COMMUNITY) do the same for black children, no matter the race?

Name 1 law that was done in honor of a black child who was murdered/killed. I can name scores of laws made in honor of white children.
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Jaramaree : Of course! That is a fundamental characteristic of liberalism.
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coomypeacroxy : No, the liberals didn't pull the race card and it doesn't benefit them.
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Errommeds : I'm pretty sure all 20 of the children in Newtown were white.
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kranbalke : Of course it is racist to say more whites need to die. Just as it would be to say that about any other race.
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