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bornOwnence : I just got a new Samsung elevate from Koodo Mobile, and I can't seem to find an option to change or hide the Text on the main screen. It's set to display my Carrier. Is there an option to change or disable/hide this text? I pay a bill every month. I really don't need to be reminded who my carrier is.

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CPJames : I am at 10% VA military disability and I am having legal problems. I cannot afford an attorney. Does the VA offer any programs where I can get an attorney for free to sue someone who is giving me problems?
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WheemiGacence : No
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lineevafe : Dude - the VA is not the military. It is a separate Cabinet-level executive department of the government.

Regardless, your best friend in finding out about VA programs is either going to their website or going to see a VSO at one of the Veteran's organizations like the VFW, American Legion, AMVETS, etc.
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Opeomernf : 10%...geez.

NO! Not a VA benefit, even for 100%.
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Bocaaeropip : Or just another excuse for race-baiting thugs to steal?
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VurripsypeRip : Some people will use any excuse to steal.

This has nothing what so ever to do with the case. It's just people that will not accept the jury's decision simple because it doe's not agree with their opinion.

The fact that the jury heard and saw evidence that no one else did and based their decision on that evidence will not keep some people from thinking that they are still wrong.
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engescues : maybe they're just angry... throwing tea in a harbor may not be the best way to protest new taxes... but things happen when you get angry sometimes
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Anielavs0 : No. Wal-Mart has nothing to do with this. If people feel the need to protest the verdict because they think they apparently know better than the jury that actually had to diligently study this shit for fucking days, they should do it in a civil manner.
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Graiccaky : isn't it what conservatives wanted as they keep repeating it over and over, " will they be riots" "when will blacks riot" over the internet and media in the last 4 days?
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