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Beskeragmasse : I have a Samsung SGH-D900i. I was trying to connect to the internet but it says: "Error: network unavailable GPRS failed" Where can I change my network settings or what can I do to solve this problem?

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profileback498 : They say they didn't know how to evict someone so they called the prosecuting attorney of our county and he issued a warrant for my arrest and sent them to pick me up with a bail of $350. My wife called some friends and they got me out on O R with the help of our police chief. After talking to my lawyer the next day he said that they couldn't do that(because of fed housing) and contacted them and they dismissed the case. My ? is do i have any legal right to file against them for false arrest and all the stuff me, my wife and kids went through?
Charged with failure to vacate. We live in Arkansas and they do have a law here that no other state has but because we live in fed housing they can't use that...
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foelanalf : What were the charges?
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ellis2012 : You can immediately sue the landlord, and file criminal complaints, and file administrative complaints about the corrupt police, but you already know that if you have talked to your lawyer.
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Soosparobsera : this depends on WHAT they charged you with at time of arrest. Even though the charges were dismissed, someone had to swear out a complaint. If that complaint was false, you may have rights to receive compensation for slander from that person or his business or for whomever he was acting as an agent.
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Poendypyday : My dog nipped at my neighbor. He originally said he is not pressing any charges and refused money for medical care. A few weeks later I received a letter from an attorney stating he is suing for injury sustained for the bite and to give this notice tony homeowners. My dog is not covered in my homeowners and I called the law firm back to explain this. A week later I got a call that the neighbors attorney would like to schedule a phone meeting with me.
How can I prepare? What things will be discussed?
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ChetAnned : Say nothing incriminating without a lawyer. In fact it's best to say nothing at all. If it happened on your property and not his or public/city property you may be okay. If they're going to sue they'll need a deposition and official statement from you. Whatever you tell them now they will use against you.
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songfeng400 : Put the dog down to avoid any incrimination
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Gymnmoopamb : your ability to pay since you already admitted the bite. Ask to see the medical bills and doctor report.
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olgabuzova : You need to consult an attorney FAST - DO NOT TAKE THAT CALL!!!
YOu are under NO obligation to speak to anyone else's attorney, and you could easily give them information to use against you. When faced with legal actiuon, the best thing to do is nothing, until you want to create a response. That means NOT speaking to either the alleged (and in this case it IS alleged) victim, nor his attorney.

If you pick up the phone and it is they, ONLY tell them you have been advised not to say anything at this time, and HANG UP. DO NOT say anything else - at all.

They will need to furnish proof of injury - and if the nip was only a nip, hopefully they have nothing. Was there ANYONE present when the guy said he was not injured? Your lawyer needs to have them give you an affidavit to that effect. Prior comments by the alleged victim can be used against them. Obviously, someone whispered in his ear that this was a monetary opportunity fro your insurance company - and now your insurance will also be going up, even if there is no claim against you. You need to speak to an attorney and when this is over, and you hopefully are exonerated, you need to take it up with the insurance company as a phony claim.

You will be hearing from the Animal Control Officer, and your dog will be quarantined. Look up the local laws regarding dogs bites - most places have a two bite regulation - you get one for free, and the next time the dog goes. Have the dog's vet records handy.

You need to be speaking to a lawyer IMMEDIATELY - this is not a joke, and I personally know someone who was in fact successfully sued for $30,000 for a herding dog nip to a kid's SLEEVE. These days, everyone is sue-happy, and the danger isn't just to the dog, it's to your family's financial well being. If you don't have the money now, they can garnish your wages.l.. go find a lawyer who specializes in dog bite law, and is known to win. You're in trouble.
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