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expahReal : Ok so the button on my iphone 3gs does not work nd its pretty annoying no being able to lock my phone when im not using it. One of my friends told me that apple will fix this at no cost if i make an appointment with them. Does anyone know it this is true?

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Icesaccurce : And for those who say this case isn't about race I think that Obama's own words that if he had a son he would be Black like him speak volumes about this being indeed about race.

District Attorney Mike Nifong, who was running for reelection, pursued the case very enthusiastically, despite the fact that the evidence in this incident was, well, limited. A DNA test of 46 members of the school’s lacrosse team failed to indicate any sexual contact with Mangum. Several players were arrested anyway, none were found guilty.

Nifong was subsequently disbarred “after being found guilty of a battery of ethics violations for his handling of the Duke” case.
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kantastorma : No. Your spurious nonsense has no bearing on reality.
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incerpibe : The Local Florida prosecutor did not ile charges, him and the police knew there was not a crime, after the Martin Family, Obama and Eric Holders Black Panthers got involved the Governor of Florida gave the state attorney Generals office orders to bring charges. If anyone should be charged with a crime it should be Governor Scott.
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Effitswes : He wins either way from his estimation. If Zimmerman goes to jail...he put him there. If Zimmerman is acquitted...minorities and others on the left that favor Zimmerman going to jail despite the evidence will still remember that the man took it to court for them.

This case is about race, and about has nothing to do with the evidence and the guilt or legal innocence of Zimmerman. FAR too many people involved in this lack all integrity and that is shameful.
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srfecti644 : Faking a case? So you've decided that murder isn't a crime?

Yes, it's about race. If Martin had been White, the police would have arrested him at the time, and not ONLY after public outcry. Actually, it's clear the only reason Zimmerman murdered him was his race. Zimmerman clearly considered being African-American to be a crime.
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salepoucj : I live in Kentucky and with 3 of my younger cousins were arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center for 48 hours and were charged with Criminal Mischief 3rd degree ( Class B Misdemeanor) went to court and was sentenced to very strict probation until sentencing next Wednesday, First time offender, good kid, good grades, 15 years old, just a stupid mistake and regret every bit of it. The whole thing has scarred me, I'm losing sleep at night worried about going back to jail, what is going to happen to me? I am so scared and worried, I have my own private attorney, can anyone please help. Chances I will see jail time? To get the criminal mischief charge 1 other cousin carried the bag, 1 lit it, 1 knocked on the door, and I recorded on my phone, the guy had a surveillance tape showing it all. It was just a simple prank gone wrong. I regret every bit of it and am worried sick about court.
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Gahhaigma : You will have to wait and see what mood the judge is in.
Meanwhile, figure out what you would rather be doing with your life than trying to set someone's house on fire.
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goardobagdoseujj : If you are sentenced to jail it will be in JUV. detention facility not a adult jail.
You have to be charged with a felony and as a adult to go to jail.
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robzinbn : guess who doesn't care about your grades attitude and behavior in the past? the courts don't. this isn't 1957 how you live life doesn't excuse you from committing a crime and neither does claiming to have remorse you will get the punishment required for your charge deal with it.
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