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robzinbn : i want to download opera mini on my nokia c5 handset. plz. help me.................

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kartonnik : go to m.opera and download opera mini.
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SkipSnuntee : The GAL for my son, in my divorse case, is still persuing fees that go back to 1997. I am on full disability , which is my only income. I can not afford to pay him the court ordered weekly fees of 200 a month. My disability is only 1350 a month. I have not paid him over the last 30 weeks because I just dont have the money. He is seeking my incarceration. Can I go to jail? I am on disability. I can not work. My only income is my disability. What can or will happen. please help. Thanks, T
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Expopgolf : The court can find you in contempt of court, but they have to set a hearing date, at which time you can plead your case and request lower payments.
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Cewayerep : They will just garnish the money from your disability payment. There haven't been debtors prisons in more than 100 years.
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Nicole1974 : they cannot take your disability

lawyers are money ho's for the most part

pay him 5 dollars a week...[ never put your stuff in hock to pay sharks or fines, just offer easy payments, they don't have to like it. like 25 dollars a month instead of not paying at all.

you best seek out an unconventional lawyer who actually believes in justice and take his counsel, but that's it, just use the advice you get, if any that is worthwhile and present yourself to the court,
do not use a lawyer...scary at first, maybe, but you strat getting the hang of it, next thing you know, it is fun!!!!!!

seek out [ jurisdictionary dot com ] it will take you to a new page cuz the name changed and I can't recall it ] use that to defend yourself, also dr graves will do consultation as well

[[ you would have saved a ton on stinkin attorney fees had you used jurisdictionary too!!! ]]

I'm on a modest pension less than half of yours and I'm fighting foreclosure on my own...3rd year

best wishes
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Tourcenpeno : Can you then provide direct evidence that Zimmerman was the one who confronted Martin?

Also, please explain why you withheld this vital evidence from the prosecutors since then introduced no such evidence?
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cvdfmehk : They just make up stuff.

And now the prosecution wants to add a charge of child abuse.

So I guess Zimmerman should have carded Martin while he was lying on the ground (in addition to giving himself an MRI to make sure he actually had a concussion from having his head beaten on the sidewalk).

This trial is a joke.
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kinomann : You don't need direct evidence to convict. Circumstantial evidence is sufficient if it is reliable enough. To that end, the testimony of Martin's girlfriend I think was compelling to show that Zimmerman started the fight. There's other evidence to show that Martin was winning the fight, namely the eye witness. But the medical examiner testified that Zimmerman's injuries were superficial and not consistent with repeatedly having his head bashed against the concrete. Given that, I would convict for manslaughter.

The testimony of his MMA instructor I think hurt Zimmerman more than it helped him just because it showed the jury that he had an MMA instructor. I think that makes it more likely for them to think he was the aggressor, even if he wasn't a good fighter. The testimony from his criminal justice teacher can also be used to show intent. But the case on intent is pretty weak, so I don't think they'll convict on Murder 2. The judge ruled today that manslaughter will be available to the jury though and I think they will probably convict him on that.

EDIT: The voice analysis wasn't allowed because the science wasn't there to give an analysis that was sufficiently conclusive, but having the expert testify would give the jury the impression that it was conclusive. When you have evidence that a jury is not in a position to weigh adequately, when it would give them a false impression of it's strength, that evidence is disallowed as prejudicial. It's the same reason you can't use lie detectors as evidence. They are somewhat reliable, but juries think of them as conclusive when they are not.

EDIT: The lack of DNA evidence doesn't prove anything. The investigation was handled poorly. The evidence was not properly preserved. Touch DNA and other sensitive samples that may have been present at the scene would likely have degraded by the time they were tested. But self defense is an affirmative defense. Zimmerman has to prove that he reasonably feared for his life. The lack of evidence of Martin attacking Zimmerman doesn't really help the prosecution as much as it fails to help the defense.
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breakmotio : @ Common Sense ??
Libs can't handle the T R U T H!

Martin had police record - FACT
Martin was former gang member - FACT
Martin was "casing" a neighborhood HE DIDN'T live in - FACT
Martin was seen (witnesses) looking into windows - FACT

Zimmerman was a volunteer Neighborhood watch - FACT
Zimmerman was in HIS OWN neighboorhood - FACT
Zimmerman asked the perp what he was doing there - FACT
Martin had NO REASON to be there - FACT
Zimmerman called 911 & was told Don't Confront - FACT
Zimmerman did not confront, but FOLLOWED the perp - FACT
Zimmerman informed Police he had lost the perp - FACT
Martin attacked Zimmerman, took him down, beat his head on sidewalk - FACT
(verified by ER as to his injuries) - FACT
Martin tried to get Zimmerman's gun - (to play cowboy???) - FACT
Zimmerman eliminated one more street punk with a Rap sheet (not a child) - FACT
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