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goardobagdoseujj : My boyfriend has the chance to upgrade his T-Mobile phone but he's looking for a phone with a good camera that doesn't require a data plan and it DEFINITELY needs to be a touchscreen. No slider. Nothing with moving parts.

Any ideas?
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fivefingerslo : I don't understand how anyone can willingly live in that sh!tty state.
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Smaluemelmisy : No
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lenazhuck : Were YOU Ok With Obama stealing 787 BILLION of stimulus money that was meant for infrastructure to prop up Public sector unions?

Of course you were!
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Asyncinaccich : Didn't Obama and his buddy Tony Rezko take money from the city of Chicago that left poor people without heat in the winter time? Yep.
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novaexate : That's very upsetting but not shocking.
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Joseph Qk : almost as much as the Obama admin steals to fund its own personal agenda. Solendra anyone?\

Oh yea, and less than HALF as much as Obama spent on his last vacation.....0_o
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Daudiodia : Meanwhile in the California prison system...
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Loasiarog : your question makes no sense

1st you say they took the money to fund more beds in private prisons

2. then you say they moved the money to the general fund

3. so which is it ?

because if the money is in the general fund, you could just as easily say they used to money to fund education

so what do you have against education ??????
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mapesmootte : I guess there is more money in private prisons and looking to cash in on the free labor offered by prisoners.
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