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Frotkishoto : When i was with verizon, you could choose 5 numbers to call for free. Is there a similar thing with tmobile?

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Plaitikepak : Yes, you can go to check
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DrAmbrroose : The police have charged me with theft. i filed a motion requesting discovery, which the DA gave me. The police searched my house again on an unrelated matter, and on this warrant, they had the right to seize all computers and flash drives. Well, one of the flash drives held my discovery for my first case. There is nothing else on the flash drive. I have an attorney, but have been pro se up until about a week ago. The first charges happened in jan. 2012, but numerous continuances brought me this far.

I immediately requested that one particular flash drive to be returned. They laughed at me and said I'd get it back MAYBE in a few months.

Am I not protected under Brady to have my discovery?
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sonNeabyPoone : make another demand for discovery and explain why you don't have it any more. You will get it. You will not get the original flash drive back but you should get another copy of the original stuff.
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nztjqvbovxna : in may 2009 my ethiopian wife arrived here with full understanding of my educational goals and financial situation the first week upon arriving she told me i was a loser and that she would leave me for a man with money she also called the police on me the first week for no reason which the officer dismissed things became so bad that by nov 2004 i sent her to live with relative s

july 2009 she returned for greencard interview which was denied because of the physical separation i persuade the officer it was real and a greencar was given by july of 2006 things became so bad my wife being disrespectful and emotinally abusive so we separated again i was depressed and did not work for almost a year and was forced to find a job after exhausting my 401 k funds my car broke down in aug 2007 and i ended up homeless in jan 2008 my wife immediately requested a divorce during this time

i granted her a divorce in july 2009 now i realize that even though we were stillmarried she remarried in mar 2009 to an man physically repulsive and 17 years her sr in another state she delivered this reptiles baby in october 2009 in april 2011 she thanked me for everything which was the only nice thing she ever said stating that she had recieved her adjustment papers and how happy she was she is no longer living with this subhuman i now realized she played me for a fool and i was wondering what can i do if anything and is it to late
1she arrived in may 2004 . 2 in nov 2004 we separated. 3 in july 2006 she recieved a greencard 5 in oct 2006 i found a job 7. in aug 2007 i became homeless
a few things.. first thanks for the sincere posts. Secondly it is a small consolation to know how desperate she was but at the same time it is a blow to the ego at the same time to realize she pilloried me but sacrificed her self respect for a sinfully not handsome man.

also pulling oneself up from homelessness without any resoureces is exhausting and it is only recently that i have regained steady footing. i only recently put together the timelines together to really fully understand wht transpired. so this is not a " hoax" what benefit would one derive ?

so please spare me the judgementalness and smug arrogant condescension
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Rinkaliskiply : Yes,
looks like you are a fool indeed.

Your timeline seems to be mixed up, but if you have proof -- yes, proof -- that your wife got married to another man while you were still married to her, that's polygamy and it's a serious felony that would get her Green Card revoked. If she has already naturalized and become a US citizen, it's also possible that a conviction for polygamy if it came to the attention of the USCIS could potentially unwind her naturalization, although that's not very likely, as she got her Green Card through marriage to you, and this polygamy case would have nothing to do with that.
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swmssozshjgp : All you can do is be more selective the next time you get married. You made the choice to allow her take advantage of you by pleading her case and staying married long enough for her to remove the conditions from her green card. The rules for most people would be the first time he/she says "loser" he/she's on the next plane home and the divorce filing is done within 24 hours.
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Kifeinfeteeks : Contact an attorney. Your post is an obvious hoax, and it has been reported.
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Orgabbade : If she re-married in March 2009 without waiting for the divorce to come through she has committed bigamy - didn't you realise she had committed a crime? You could have saved yourself some trauma there & reported her to the authorities
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Astottope : It never truly goes away. Most jobs ask for arrests/charges even if they were expunged, under penalty of perjury. Also, grad school etc. asks for it so pre-trial diversion programs are basically WORTHLESS
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