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crydayspusync : So I am locked into a contract with Verizon, and I will spending the next year in China studying abroad. Verizon uses CDMA and China is all GSM networks. However I have an upgrade available and I was thinking of upgrading to one of Verizon's global ready phones such as the Droid Incredible 2 which uses CDMA when in the USA and auto-switch to a SIM card when outside of it. So basically I will have to unlock the phone to use it in China and will be stuck paying 2 bills my bill from the US since I am locked into contract and my bill with whatever carrier I choose a SIM from in China. I just wanted make sure this would work, for example i wanted to make sure that when I'm in China when using the SIM I would only be paying those rates, not Verizon roaming rates.

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cymnferce : So I asked an question in some attorney firm website and they called me- first call was on Monday and then today- I asked the lady (secretary) whether I need to do do anything before the call- and she said no- so after talking to the lawyer, whatever information she gave me I already knew and i had to even correct her on some things she said. After the conversation, she says quickly that I need to pay $100 for consultation- so she directs the call back to the secretary who asks for my credit/card information and I said no because I am not comfortable giving this on the phone and told her to send their information to me on email because I prefer a check-- I don't think I should pay the $100 because they did not tell me this before the call and also whatever info she gave me is public knowledge... What do you think?
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gestundurgire : Sounds fishy
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trelfHexrurry : Do not give any credit card info over phone like that, ever. If they won't send you bill to pay by check something is wrong!!!
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preadledema : Absolutely not. This sounds like a scam to me. If you need legal advice, stay off the computer, and visit an attorney.
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kedduadwaytum : It sounds like scam website to me. Under no circumstances should you give them your credit card information. Before you know it, your credit card will be maxed out.

If you need a consultation with a lawyer, contact your local bar association. Here in Dallas, Texas a 30 minute consultation will only cost you about $20.00.

Good luck
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Ferguson29 : Even the prosecuting attorney has said, "YOU CAN'T PROVE THAT THIS WAS SELF DEFENCE!!!!"

no shit Sherlock, isn't it your job to prove that it wasn't self defense? In fact, all the Defense needs to do is show a reasonable doubt, and if the prosecution can't prove that it wasn't self defence, doesn't that mean that Zimmerman should be acquitted?
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Miztiessy : Zimmerman will always be guilty to a liberal. He had a gun, that makes him guilty.
White vs. black, whitey is and will always be guilty.
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pronmereTef : Zimmerman's defense was that shooting Martin was in self defense. The fact that he shoot Martin has never been called in to question.

So, since he shot Martin, unless he can prove it was self defense he is guilty.
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bylxprnlin : Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. He shot him. Trayvon Martin was unarmed. Zimmerman's defense is self-defense. The prosecution is required to tear his defense apart. Zimmerman's injuries don't comport with his defense. He is lying. He has lied about a lot of things. The prosecution has shown that.
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