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MaydayQuizbiz : I just rooted my lg optimus m. What should i do now besides wifi tethering

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cymnSlini : I have court coming up next month and was wondering if i hire an attorney or lawyer, would they be able to tell me what i have on my record so we can plan what to do next and know what we are up against???
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igorisbar : Of course they could but why pay an attorney $200 or more an hour to do what you can do yourself?
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Cobfetattaima : they cannot access the NCIC data base, but they are allowed to ask you about prior convictions, and if they wish they can check the local court records.
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AsymnKen : Hello, im so worried right now and im a big idiot for making such a mistake that i was unaware can follow me for a lifetime. Well i was caught shoplifting and i am not to go back to the store ever again. The police were called and gave me a Retail Theft Citation for $250. I am looking for the right attorney to handle my case as its getting closer to my court date. I have some quick questions.
1) I got a hospice job right now, and i love it! I passed my background check a month ago and 2 weeks ago i went to get my fingerprints done. My prints have not gotten back yet and i was wondering if this can be WHY. I have a court day pending, and i havent been convicted yet. So can your FINGERPRINT background check see my ticket, and im not sure if its considered an arrest since i wasnt booked, fingerprinted, or mugshoot was can they see any of this very upset/mad and pissed at myself...i dont know what to do...can i be fired for this ticket citation that i havent tryed to fight with ? PLEASE HELP ME!
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Inettyday : That is up to the employer's policy of hiring people with criminal records.
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swonArodo : even if your not convicted yet, your arrest will show up.
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Obnolermfs : If no conviction then it didn't happen. Everybody gets fingerprinted at one time or another. Anybody can be arrested, that doesn't mean anything. A check might turn up an unresolved incident, and an employer might or might not wonder about that. For instance you can't join the military with an open charge.

If an interviewer ever asks if you have been arrested, your only answer is "That is an improper question. There are no open charges against me right now." If he doesn't hire you for that reason, well, you didn't want to work for that a@@hole anyway.
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LFsonia : A friend of mine was arrested on a Friday for missing a court date. In actuality, this date had been rescheduled and he did attend the following week, but the courts are refusing to acknowledge that he attended, although he was finger printed and there should be a paper and video record of his meeting with the judge. Because of this, there was a bench warrant placed for him, and he was arrested and put into the county jail. Because it is the weekend, and no bail has been posted, would there be ANY way to get him out? Could I hire a public defender or an attorney in his behalf, or must he do that himself? Will he have to wait until Monday to apply for a public defender? Would it be possible to get him out on Monday? How would I go about contacting a judge? I have no experience with this, nor does he, so any answers would be greatly appreciated. This is urgent, please help. Thank you.
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Uristtraift : You cannot hire a public defender, they are appointed by a court.

You can hire a private attorney, but you will pay whatever it is that he wants to charge you. Good luck finding one on the weekend.

You cannot call a judge, unless they are a relative and happen to work for the same county circuit.

A bench warrant would normally carry a bond amount, unless the judge is really mad. You post the bond and he gets out of jail.
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