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paulleyplautt : If i have a blackberry phone plan can i still use a basic phone Or do I have to switch plans completely

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endongove : Just to let you know, i have worked for over 25 years with these herniated discs,, it just became unbearable,, and I can not take medications because over those 25 years, taking advil, tylenos, aspirin everyday to continue to work, i destroyed my stomach intestines and any medication causes me to bleed for the colon, I do not have a attorney, but, through my research i understand the chance of denial, and i do appreciate people like you that help people like me!!
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Loasiarog : I have been payiny my divorse fees since 1997. Every time I fall behind on the weekly payments the attorney brings me to court and threatens me to sign an agreement stipulation. Every time about a year later, I stop paying because I just cant afford to pay it. He then brings me to court again and treatens me to sign a stipulation to pay. I have received threating phone calls at home as well as threating emails from the siad attorney. He threatens me if I dont make my payments, he will have me incarcerated. In court, he tells me that if I know whats good for me, I will sign the stipulation of payment. He has told me he will sabotage my disability payments that I receive If i do not stay current with my payments to him. I have sought out therapy because of his threats. i am a nevouse wreck. He has been threating me again with incarceration. I am on full disabilty , I can not work, and I can not make the payments. Can he have me incarcerated? What do I do about his threats? Thanks, T
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Cackaragtuts : record it all and sue his ass in court get a restraining order too
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buy neopoints : You cannot go to jail for non payment of a debt but you do have an obligation to pay him.
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EricRU : n
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fluomaecola : Depends on how old you are, judge might give you a chance such as community service rather than jail time.
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ericl2299 : If you don't have any criminal history, it's very doubtful you will be sentenced to any jail time, especially considering you pleaded guilty and didn't waste the courts time in having to prosecute you. I'd say the odds of you getting jail time, without any priors, is almost 0%.
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VummaRoorbVag : You were caught, and you admitted it....
it is entirely possible that you
could get an all-expenses-paid government vacation.
Yes, you will have a conviction for theft on your record.

You could get a suspended sentence, or community service if you are really sorry and convince the judge of that fact... first offence might get you a break.
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thurgyFug : you will get a fine and probation at worse
Jails are way to full in Illinois for a misdemeanor crime

as for college no it will not effect it
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