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YHrobertWG : I just got an iPhone 4 today (first apple product I've ever bought) and I'm trying to download a flashlight app. I've tried 2 separate ones, but once I hit the 'free' button, then the 'install' button, it goes back to the main menu. An icon for the app comes up for a moment as if it's going to install, but then it disappears and does nothing. Help?

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scoorrido : restore or update to the newest firmware
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EpildKitillek : Whats up with that dumb ad with the dui atternys? People shouldnt be driving drunk ever! Why is this an option?
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Kibsteesy : They are setting up a Lindsey watch for whenever she gets behind the wheel,
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CobyStoll : Because people are stupid.

Also they may not be 'DUI Lawyers' just advertising that they DO TAKE those cases
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dcs23itt06t : Anybody is entitled to be represented in court by an attorney.
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PeamsweaKskep : My money is that the Florida will also get disbarred like the other DA who brought a fake case of rape of a black women by 7 white boys.

District Attorney Mike Nifong, who was running for reelection, pursued the case very enthusiastically, despite the fact that the evidence in this incident was, well, limited. A DNA test of 46 members of the school’s lacrosse team failed to indicate any sexual contact with Mangum. Several players were arrested anyway, none were found guilty.

Nifong was subsequently disbarred “after being found guilty of a battery of ethics violations for his handling of the Duke” case.
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Ubnolermep : once again proving it's always about race with conservatives.
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Ererryhew : There is no connection.

It depends on the holdouts.

The holdout that needs the most days of convincing could be on either side of the verdict.
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NesOrestned : A long deliberation means that it was not an open and shut case. I have been on juries where we only needed 8 to convict and we had 8 on the first ballot with 2 hold outs. We let the 2 talk for a day to try to convince us. Then we voted again and got 8 again. We took it to the Judge.
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