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Kraslibbb : Now I only get tweets from the last few hours.
Is there a way to change this?

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Effitswes :
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goodevry12 : money
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sBRwdShx : Fox News fans have been paying for Zimmerman's lawyers through his defense fund.
I like his lawyer, that joke on the first day really killed.
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PenGliliabe : I never asked

but according to one poster, it is the fox viewers

I make a conscious decision to stay away from tabloid type news stories....I despise the way they screw with the viewers....since they disrespect us....I don't watch them.....a fair exchange
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vavaf : His attorney is very capable, he has a defense going of his client protecting himself when he is the one with the gun and knowing the Judge threw out the stand your ground defense. He got this Judge to let it be open to the media. He is capable of drawing internet monies for his client. I would say he wil be sought after by many after this trial win or lose.
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Icesaccurce : And for those who say this case isn't about race I think that Obama's own words that if he had a son he would be Black like him speak volumes about this being indeed about race.

District Attorney Mike Nifong, who was running for reelection, pursued the case very enthusiastically, despite the fact that the evidence in this incident was, well, limited. A DNA test of 46 members of the school’s lacrosse team failed to indicate any sexual contact with Mangum. Several players were arrested anyway, none were found guilty.

Nifong was subsequently disbarred “after being found guilty of a battery of ethics violations for his handling of the Duke” case.
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kantastorma : No. Your spurious nonsense has no bearing on reality.
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incerpibe : The Local Florida prosecutor did not ile charges, him and the police knew there was not a crime, after the Martin Family, Obama and Eric Holders Black Panthers got involved the Governor of Florida gave the state attorney Generals office orders to bring charges. If anyone should be charged with a crime it should be Governor Scott.
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srfecti644 : Faking a case? So you've decided that murder isn't a crime?

Yes, it's about race. If Martin had been White, the police would have arrested him at the time, and not ONLY after public outcry. Actually, it's clear the only reason Zimmerman murdered him was his race. Zimmerman clearly considered being African-American to be a crime.
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