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Miztiessy : Can anyone tell me a free site for creating themes for my phone nokia 2690 plz...

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DjoMalyshev : There hundreds of people serving time right now that should have a judged to have acted in self defense.

In fact the State's attorney's and DA's get away with with never even considering self defense.
Paul Jackson. I'm guessing you have no clue of what the law says in all 50 states.

I find a link for ya, so you can know your rights.
939.48? Self-defense and defense of others.
(1)?A person is privileged to threaten or intentionally use force against another for the purpose of preventing or terminating what the person reasonably believes to be an unlawful interference with his or her person by such other person. The actor may intentionally use only such force or threat thereof as the actor reasonably believes is necessary to prevent or terminate the interference. The actor may not intentionally use force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm unless the actor reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself.
And any act must proven to be not self defense beyond any reasonable doubt.
The above is Wisconsin Law, all states have similar laws because THAT IS what the Constitution

Btw, the police come under the exact same laws as citizens do. And they have no special right to self defense or to fire on any citizen.
Btw, Florida has added the "stand your ground" law which says you do not have to retreat. Even if you may have been able too.

Also, btw, the retreat part was NEVER the law anyway. In any State. The police and corrupt States simply added that part in as if it was law.
Btw, Paul Jackson the police and State are required on the same level to find something to not be a crime as they are to find it a crime.

Actual and factual probable cause must be present to arrest and charge before any arrest is made, period !
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Audinkunwindy : The bottom line is that criminals have the most protection in America.
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AcimbCemecach : That Zimmerman is being prosecuted in the first place.
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dsyez007 : The biggest tragedy is that libs blew it out of proportion.
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meslefectra : I can't believe ppl actually care about this stupid trial.
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Sonephede : That there are so many FOOLS chatting and ranting about it in YA'S Politics when it has nothing to do with politics ! The Racism of so many , of many colors / races as well !
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qcharlesc : Zimmerman followed Trayvon that night even though he was instructed not to. Zimmerman fumbled for an answer when asked whether he thought Trayvon was afraid of him is common of the way society has trained everyone to think about black men.

Of course he didn’t think Trayvon could be scared. Young black men never are.

They are the danger.

An armed white man, cruising in his SUV, can follow a black youth who is unarmed and on foot and kill him. A black youth can not be in fear of a white stalker, only the reverse is true.

So for many Zimmerman’s story doesn’t sound far-fetched. A black man jumping from behind the bushes to sucker-punch someone they don’t know and attempt to kill them makes PERFECT SENSE in a society where every black man above the age of 9 is seen as some aggressive GREEN MILE type black thug.

The minor cuts on the back of GZ's head were negligible and several of his wounds might have been self-inflicted. He claims he was hit 25-30 times as well as having his head pounded against the sidewalk, yet his only injuries were a mildly fractured nose (which didn't require setting), a small goose egg (more like a hummingbird's egg) on the top of his head (an odd place for it to be if Martin were pounding the back of his head on the sidewalk) and a minor cut that the medics who attended him that night didn't even see fit to bandage.

Zimmerman was perfectly conscious and oriented with no black eye(s) or other facial bruising or marking consistent with having been allegedly pounded so badly.

There was no DNA evidence of TM's attack. It's amazing that they decided not to use voice recognition to verify who was screaming. Oh I know why it was not allowed. .............because they know that it was Trayvon Martin screaming for his life.

None of Trayvon Martin’s DNA was found of Zimmermans gun handle. None of Zimmermans DNA was found under Trayvon fingernails despite claims that Martin was grasping Zimmermans head and repeatedly bashing it into concrete.

We'd have never heard about this case if the shooter had been black and the victim white. The shooter would have been arrested (if not shot) in 44 seconds....not 44 days and he would have been swiftly tried, sentenced...and executed.

In all his paranoid fantasies I'm sure that Lone Ranger Zimmerman never pictured himself in a fist-fight. When the showdown came .... it was always supposed to be a gunfight at the Sanford Corral.

But Zimmerman will get away with murder because 50 years after the civil rights and voting rights acts, the U.S. justice system still functions as the protector of whites against black criminals.
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EliteScreens : The biggest tragedy was that the State's attorney caved to political pressure and brought the charges in the first place. The Sanford police and many legal experts thought there was no evidence and they have turned out to be right.
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frontru : "In fact the State's attorney's and DA's get away with with never even considering self defense."

They don't have to consider it. They aren't looking to exonerate people who have been arrested. Based on the police interviews of George I think a subjective assessment that he wasn't guilty of anything was made very early in the process of dealing with him. They didn't challenge any of his story. They did properly preserve physical evidence at the crime scene.
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