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creecurry : my uncle is mentally ill at the age of 44
he is in mexico being taken care of by my grandfather ,his dad.he has been mentally ill for around 7 year that happen all our family lives over here legally . we wish to bring him but when he wasnt he came to america and committed marriage fraud according to the law .
my grandfather is getting to old to take care of him now and we wish to bring him over here . yet the american embassy wont let him get his visa because marriage problem he had before the accident
both of his parent are u.s. citizens and would like to see a legal way around this .
is there any way?
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dymnemberetub : Contact an attorney.
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DrAmbrroose : The police have charged me with theft. i filed a motion requesting discovery, which the DA gave me. The police searched my house again on an unrelated matter, and on this warrant, they had the right to seize all computers and flash drives. Well, one of the flash drives held my discovery for my first case. There is nothing else on the flash drive. I have an attorney, but have been pro se up until about a week ago. The first charges happened in jan. 2012, but numerous continuances brought me this far.

I immediately requested that one particular flash drive to be returned. They laughed at me and said I'd get it back MAYBE in a few months.

Am I not protected under Brady to have my discovery?
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sonNeabyPoone : make another demand for discovery and explain why you don't have it any more. You will get it. You will not get the original flash drive back but you should get another copy of the original stuff.
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saitiolmesela : .....log of the police and his private phone calls while George was following him.
Why are conservatives so absolutely convinced this high-powered defense attorney claim is true?
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nepolet : Because they watched the trial, and every testimony and witness contradicts the claims you just made.
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Allegedig : Good Lord...

Try watching the trial and not the movie in your imagination
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SkipSnuntee : What about Trayvons girlfriend who testified that the "Crazy ass cracker" (as Trayvon called him) was following him, and decided he was going to go confront him.

BTW she testified under oath that Trayvon confronted the "Crazy ass cracker"
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intooosl : Here is a possible scenario that can explain it. Zimmerman approaches Martin with hand near gun.
Martin is not intimidated, and words are said between the two men. Zimmerman starts to draw the gun, but only to scare Martin away. Martin instead jumps at Zimmerman because he now fears he is about to be shot. Zimmerman has one hand on gun, and the left up to defend and can prevent himself falling backwards, where he bangs his head. Martin is on top screaming for help, flailing his arms and hits Zimmerman in the face. Zimmerman still has the gun in his right hand, lifts it up and shoots.
No, not self defense on Zimmerman's part.
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