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indiananimator : can you name me some. I 've played miami nights,newyork nights,... . but none of them is ..esxy.

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phollespase : In the history of marijuana smoking, I have never heard of it making anyone violent (unlike alcohol). Furthermore, THC can stay in your system a really long time, so finding a small amount in someone's system doesn't really have relevance.
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uttentulp : Agreed. I have never met a violent stoner and I'm an old hippie from the 60's.
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liamnigousnum : I don't think smoking dope makes you violent at all--quite the opposite in fact
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Unrerolor : I doubt that it would unless it is laced with something.

But it would effect someones judgment and I'm sure you would think it relevant if Zimmerman had it in his blood.
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nhedukoc : cool
encourage kids to become potheads
that would make America great
how progressive
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demBiniadiack : That is because all the info that you get now a days is from the pro legalization movement. The testing done in the 50's and 60's showed it was unpredictable in the same uses and that could significantly increase paranoia and irrational behaviors, at times, violent. There is no new data, studies on this stuff since most of them where done back then. The majority of info now passed about it's effects are opinions of people.Some significant and intelligent but it is still opinions.
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FoodsPrer : It doesn't. The people who do think that "Reefer Madness" is a documentary.
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epfvbfaz : Never.
Unless you are being stalked by a fake neighborhood watch.
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feadcanny : the THC had nothing to do with him being violent. its quite the depressant. but just because you're high doesn't mean you can't be violent. plus, an adrenaline spike can make the effects wear off temporarily, so maybe that's what happened. but i'm sure they're gonna find some way to pin his actions on the THC
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