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uttentulp : Agreed. I have never met a violent stoner and I'm an old hippie from the 60's.

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aaliyah979 : THC makes any person less apt to be violent, not more - that would explain the Skittles too.
Him having it in his blood is totally irrelevant to the case, but Zimmerman's OJ Simpson-like high power attorneys will use it to the fullest, since the NRA is picking up their tab.
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feadcanny : the THC had nothing to do with him being violent. its quite the depressant. but just because you're high doesn't mean you can't be violent. plus, an adrenaline spike can make the effects wear off temporarily, so maybe that's what happened. but i'm sure they're gonna find some way to pin his actions on the THC
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cymnferce : So I asked an question in some attorney firm website and they called me- first call was on Monday and then today- I asked the lady (secretary) whether I need to do do anything before the call- and she said no- so after talking to the lawyer, whatever information she gave me I already knew and i had to even correct her on some things she said. After the conversation, she says quickly that I need to pay $100 for consultation- so she directs the call back to the secretary who asks for my credit/card information and I said no because I am not comfortable giving this on the phone and told her to send their information to me on email because I prefer a check-- I don't think I should pay the $100 because they did not tell me this before the call and also whatever info she gave me is public knowledge... What do you think?
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gestundurgire : Sounds fishy
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trelfHexrurry : Do not give any credit card info over phone like that, ever. If they won't send you bill to pay by check something is wrong!!!
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preadledema : Absolutely not. This sounds like a scam to me. If you need legal advice, stay off the computer, and visit an attorney.
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kedduadwaytum : It sounds like scam website to me. Under no circumstances should you give them your credit card information. Before you know it, your credit card will be maxed out.

If you need a consultation with a lawyer, contact your local bar association. Here in Dallas, Texas a 30 minute consultation will only cost you about $20.00.

Good luck
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Plaitikepak : your post proves the corruption in the police department; this is clear manslaughter
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Rhimibymn : It absolutely amazes me at the incredible leaps of logic and the contortionist like ability to twist and turn the necessary justifications conservatives need to convince themselves that they are not motivated by hatred of minorities.
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