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cooffcoasoli : I'm considering switching to boost mobile, there is a phone i'd like to buy but it is a gms and I'm not sure if i can have boost with a gms

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EffodoGob : The law firm I hired to represent me has lied to me. 1 of the attorney's told me one thing during my hearing. Then another one of their attorney's who wasn't at my hearing told me the complete opposite. The paralegal spoke to the hired vocational evaluator, who was hired by the other party in the case, because they are friends. The paralegal told me over the phone that she told her friend, the evaluator, that there was nothing wrong w/me (she has never met me & only spoke to me 1 time on the phone). I brought all of this up w/ the "Head" attorney in an email & he replied that his employees denied everything & I am a liar. I am a 47 yr old disabled woman. I feel I am being bullied, disrespected & over charged cuz I am being charged for trying to resolve their unprofessionalism. I am receiving SSI payments as my income & cannot afford this. More importantly, I suffer from PTSD, Severe Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression & I feel like I am being abused by this firm due to they treat me like I am a stupid idiot! Any suggestions would be so very much appreciated.
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endongove : Just to let you know, i have worked for over 25 years with these herniated discs,, it just became unbearable,, and I can not take medications because over those 25 years, taking advil, tylenos, aspirin everyday to continue to work, i destroyed my stomach intestines and any medication causes me to bleed for the colon, I do not have a attorney, but, through my research i understand the chance of denial, and i do appreciate people like you that help people like me!!
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elsebeth9 : How can a foreigner esp. an international student get legal help in the US for free? Any advice is appreciated!
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csyez028 : No you cant.
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csyez029 : Depends on the legal basis for the lawsuit.

Just call up any attorney, talk to them in English, and find out what your options are.
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madelyn379 : Please check if local law permit it...
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gopotrev : Gun, drug texts feature in new Trayvon Martin shooting evidence

Items taken from Trayvon Martin's cell phone -- including a text-message discussion of drug use and pictures of a gun and marijuana plants -- are among new details released Thursday by attorneys for the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of killing him

CNN article

Close up of pic

I've looked, but cannot find anything about it.
I wonder why
NOTICE where is finger is....

Responsible gun owners will spot it immediately
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kimmurphyo : So what he's dead. Now we need local hero and part time lawman Zimmerman to step up his game
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FriendMax : What the heck does this have to do with anything? He was unarmed during the incident. Any minor crimes he did or did not commit outside of that time frame are COMPLETELY irrelevant, unless you think it should be legal to shoot anyone you suspect has ever committed a crime or civil offense, like owning an unregistered gun.

edit: I notice that the answer with the coined word "niglomatic" got two thumbs up. Do you think the person posting that answer, and the folks giving it thumbs up, vote Republican or Democrat? Conservatives here frequently claim that Democrats are the racists LOL!
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