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Edillcelf : First time user of the Moto Blur from AT&T. Have everything about it down, except how to send a Mp3 ringtone using bluetooth. Can't locate a "Send Via Bluetooth" option anywhere in the phone. Anyone familiar enough with device to help me out? The help would be greatly appreciated.

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EricRU : Apologies in the instance that this approach has become a tiny bit off topic yet I simply simply had to reveal this glorious thing I found out. Apple company is having an overstock with the completely new ipad and also giving away $100 itune gift card so that you can download these kinds of excellent tracks! I just now got my own apple ipad two in addition to i-tunes gift card in the mail a few nights ago.
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sleeldFlomi : First the cop who was doing the job he gets paid to do, was acting "stupidly" with his black buddy the college Prof, now both Obama AND Holder get involved in a local case which has NOTHING to do with the Federal Gov

From where did such pressure come? All the way from Washington. Consider this timeline:

Feb. 26, 2012: Zimmerman shoots Martin, claiming self-defense; later released after police questioning.

March 12: Sanford, Fla., police chief insists there's not enough evidence to charge Zimmerman, but turns investigation over to the state attorney's office for review after protests from civil-rights groups.

March 20: Attorney General Holder launches investigation of police handling of case. U.S. prosecutors meet with Martin's parents and the Rev. Al Sharpton.

March 22: Al Sharpton holds rally, yelling: "We came for permanent justice. Arrest Zimmerman now!"

March 22: Florida Gov. Rick Scott puts Corey on case; Corey decides not to let grand jury review evidence.

March 23: In White House press conference, President Obama expresses sympathy for Martin parents: "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon." He adds, "It's absolutely imperative we investigate every aspect of this."

March 24: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for "capture" of Zimmerman, threaten his family.

April 2: Holder meets Congressional Black Caucus, Sharpton and other black ministers in White House, pledges "swift action" in the Zimmerman case.

April 11: Holder speaks alongside Sharpton at his National Action Network convention in New York, where he threatens to charge authorities in Florida with "civil rights crime." Zimmerman is taken into custody.

It's now clear that the decision to arrest Zimmerman and put him on trial — which again, came 44 days after Zimmerman was questioned and released — was, unconscionably, a political response to pressure from a race-obsessed president and his attorney general and the racial arsonists like Sharpton with whom they run.
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ivanbyss : Because they hate facts. The sooner all black people are deported the better! Also crime will decrease by 100%.
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Evarroria : Is it 2 early to call 2013 the year of Obamas failures?
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shumbamma : Racial divide and hate are what energize his power base. The middle east is using physical revolution to overthrow their governments. This administrations ways are a bit more devious, moving behind the scenes to motive the low information and easily manipulated sheep to push the policies and agenda that the progressives want. Transparency my ass.
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camarok : They did indeed influence the charging of Zimmerman of murder.
I've never seen the federal government give opinions and make
action calls like that. They have been power grabbers since the
Democrats came into "power". I hear on the news today that Obama
deciding to delay parts of Obamacare, is illegal. He just was not
experienced enough to know how to be President, but people of
color demanded a Black President. We're seeing, therefore, he
operates from his own whims, not presidential routine and protocol.
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Jeniferxfs, : (D)
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EpildKitillek : Whats up with that dumb ad with the dui atternys? People shouldnt be driving drunk ever! Why is this an option?
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dcs23itt06t : Anybody is entitled to be represented in court by an attorney.
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