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Apapyskyday : I can't read the windows notes on my android mobile however I can with documents and PDF and also at the end of each note comes with a PWI what software is that like compared to doc or docx which the difference between the new and old Microsoft documents, also on the notes some are written via a stylus and others are via typing text but either can't open the notes in Android but I can on Window 6.1

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ZRSamuel : The police officer was accusted of "acting stupidly" when doing his job with Obama's buddy the Prof, will Obama act "stupidly" and get Holder involved even more than he has alread?

From where did such pressure come? All the way from Washington. Consider this timeline:

Feb. 26, 2012: Zimmerman shoots Martin, claiming self-defense; later released after police questioning.

March 12: Sanford, Fla., police chief insists there's not enough evidence to charge Zimmerman, but turns investigation over to the state attorney's office for review after protests from civil-rights groups.

March 20: Attorney General Holder launches investigation of police handling of case. U.S. prosecutors meet with Martin's parents and the Rev. Al Sharpton.

March 22: Al Sharpton holds rally, yelling: "We came for permanent justice. Arrest Zimmerman now!"

March 22: Florida Gov. Rick Scott puts Corey on case; Corey decides not to let grand jury review evidence.

March 23: In White House press conference, President Obama expresses sympathy for Martin parents: "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon." He adds, "It's absolutely imperative we investigate every aspect of this."

March 24: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for "capture" of Zimmerman, threaten his family.

April 2: Holder meets Congressional Black Caucus, Sharpton and other black ministers in White House, pledges "swift action" in the Zimmerman case.

April 11: Holder speaks alongside Sharpton at his National Action Network convention in New York, where he threatens to charge authorities in Florida with "civil rights crime." Zimmerman is taken into custody.

If this president truly respects the law, he will reinject himself into this case — only, this time by asking everyone to respect the actual facts and evidence in the case and let them prevail over emotional assumptions, in order to defuse any violence from occurring as the case against Zimmerman further disintegrates.

This is what a responsible president would do.

But we're not holding our breath he'll do the right thing. Still, one thing is for sure: Any blood from planned race rioting will be on his hands.
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hiegululnenny : @TheBlack

Zimmerman will get off. That’s a given

Black men’s lives are not seen as worthy as white men’s.

White kills black (Minimum sentence)
Black kills white (Maximum sentence)

Even when black people, kill other black people. It’s also a maximum sentence, not because the life of the black person killed is worthy but because the killer is black.

Zimmerman defence strategy was to convince the jury that Trayvon needed killing

It’s a very effective tactic in a country where many white people don’t like black people but don’t have the guts to say so. Instead, they manifest this sentiment in other ways. A not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman case would be such a way.

They caught Zimmerman in a lie.

He said to a detective that Trayvon jumped out from a bush but in the video made by police. Zimmerman was walking through the crime scene. He never mentioned anything in the video about Trayvon jumping from bushes.

Why would Trayvon be waiting in bushes to attack him ?

If Zimmerman said Trayvon was trying to ROB him then Zimmerman’s story might make sense, if Trayvon had a history of robbing people.

But he doesn’t.

It’s Susan Smith all over again. She who said some black man drowned her children.

Even worse Serino, the lead detective, BELIEVED Zimmerman. Zimmerman can say whatever jacked-up sh*t he wants, but police detectives are supposed to see through that sort of thing.

Zimmerman’s story has more holes than Swiss cheese but I fully expect a virtually white female jury to ignore everything and focus on the Black Brute stereotype
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Jamases : yes
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Buyuielrkd : There is a trial by jury.

I believe that's rather reasonable when somebody ends up dead.

People seem to be appaled at the idea prosecutors are no just taking the shooter's word for it. They usually don't in a murder case.

And charges of manslaughter will apparently also be explored.
Again, I fail to see why anybody is surprised (or even appaled) at the idea prosecutors ended up feeling a dead body warranted manslaughter charges.

As to Zimmerman's safety after the trial, should he be cleared of all charges...
That goes a bit beyond the scope of the law in this case.
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NesOrestned : I suspect that Obama will do like what George H.W. Bush did in the Rodney King case and have Zimmerman brought up on Federal Charges that denied a person's Civil Rights.

Eithe way he will spend time in jail at some point.
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RobertsCoinq : Obama has nothing to do with it.
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goodevry12 : money
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PenGliliabe : I never asked

but according to one poster, it is the fox viewers

I make a conscious decision to stay away from tabloid type news stories....I despise the way they screw with the viewers....since they disrespect us....I don't watch them.....a fair exchange
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vavaf : His attorney is very capable, he has a defense going of his client protecting himself when he is the one with the gun and knowing the Judge threw out the stand your ground defense. He got this Judge to let it be open to the media. He is capable of drawing internet monies for his client. I would say he wil be sought after by many after this trial win or lose.
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