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torpwelmeo : I had an iphone that was jailbroken and running on T-mobile then on itunes it said a software update is available so then i did the update after it gave me a error code and gave me screen saying to plug to itunes and i read online about things to do so now i have it on DUF and trying to open the restore with a ispw but its is not going tru giving me a 1015 error what should i do? im running also tinyumbrella and ireb

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wiesaddlibe : Your question is answered below in the source...

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Frietteve : Solution for error 1015 after jailbreak 4.2.1 iOS

Many people have jailbroken their iPhone after the 4.2.1 iOS met with error 1015 when they wanted to restore the iPhone on iTunes. Find in this tutorial the way out of the iPhone error 1015.

Click OK> iTunes shows you it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode> click OK and close iTunes:

On your iPhone, you have the image of the USB cable to iTunes:

Step to avoid the error 3194:
On Windows:
From the Start menu, locate Notepad> right click and select "Run as administrator"> Enter your administrator password. In Notepad, click File> Open> navigate to the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc and select the Hosts file (If Notepad can not find your Hosts file, select "All Files" instead of "Files text (*. txt) ".

Notepad will open the Hosts file. In the Hosts file, add at the end (if you already have an online > delete it)> save the file and exit Notepad:

Mac OS X:
Launch Terminal> Enter the following command and press Enter:
sudo / Applications / / Contents / MacOS / TextEdit / etc / hosts

Enter your administrator password if prompted.

The TextEdit application will open the Hosts file. In the Hosts file, add at the end (if you already have an online > delete it)> save the file and quit TextEdit:
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MymnIntatte : Just go to the shop you bought it from and get it fixed.
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HoisyLoro : My ex employer fired me for being pregnant and retaliation for bringing forth illegality in the business. Long story short, I was officially disconnected from my works email system, QuickBooks, etc. at 10:38AM. At 10:09AM I wrote a letter to the CFO explaining WHY I did not want to partake in illegal business anymore, cook books, etc. I also advised that my pregnancy had been mistreated. At 10:38AM they disconnected me from the server and sent me an email saying I was being fired for job abandonment. I still have my company email set up on my computer and last week, my attorney and I realized that they had deleted all of the emails I received after 10:09AM and sent a letter to my attorney saying they fired me before 10:09AM.... This is completely untrue and luckily, I had every single email saved on that date for obvious reasons.

They went in to the server and deleted the very emails that make my case so clear.

What could happen to them, if and when this goes to court? We are currently in the "settlement phase" however it isn't working out and they keep destroying my overtime records, etc.

Please help! My attorney is on vacation.
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iuolermef : Sounds familiar. Perhaps obtrusion of justice, but definitely fraud. Conspiratorial in nature and actions, more fraud is committed to prevent discovery of the original sin...also a fraud. Maintain all documents and data. and continue to get any information you can from any resources available. Fraud once revealed, will probably continue... leaving a highly visible trail. Pay attention to details and your timeline.
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Pescuectime : I don't get it: you either have a copy or you don't. Whether THEY have a copy is their problem, although you could certainly petition to have all their copies delivered to you in discovery.

Look up an article or two on "spoliation of evidence", once they knew (or should have known) the information was going to be subject to a lawsuit. Your attorney can determine how your state laws deal with that situation, including the effect of your still having your own copies of some of it.

If your attorney is on vacation, ask another attorney, if you think it's urgent. You can file an emergency restraining order if they are continuing to "destroy evidence".
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FriendAbigail : My crystal balls says "unsure".

I'll go with either 3 or 5.
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biddeteemict : Yeah, it's really great to be charged with additional crimes during the trial so that you can't defend yourself against them. Traditionally, charges are listed at the beginning of a trial so that the accused can defend against those charges. Why not throw in tax evasion and jaywalking as possible verdicts?
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