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loyalsecils : i want to know if the pantech jest has:
1. a camera for pix and videos
2. a place to put a micro sd card in
3. good battery life
4. good phone memroy/text message storage

overall is the pantech jest a good phone??
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likelucyru : I have a minor in possession charge that i got booked for 2 days ago.Its a long story so ill put it at the end if you want to read it. I talked to a family friend who is an attorney. He said i should be offered the diversion charge. Im joining the navy so he said tell them all about that and dress up nice. There is no need to hire a lawyer he said. I have court in 4 days. What should i expect? Do i have to right something on paper about what happened or before court starts is it offered to me? Still a little confused. I need the best outcome possible.

Last night My friend called and asked if i wanted to go to the beach for the third of July. I said ya ill go. When i got to his house he had an 18 rack of bud light and wanted to know ifill drink it with him. I said you can but not me. I dont drink. We drove to the beach and parked about a mile away. Its very crowded on the third. We walk down and he is carrying his bag. About halfway he gets tired of carrying it and asks me to for a little bit. Stupidly i said yes and carried it. We passed some cops on bikes and they searched the bag and since i was carrying it even though its not mine i got arressted and him let go even though he said it was all his and not mine. Im 18 and hes 17. I went to jail and had a 40$ booking fee. This is my first offense ever and am concerned what will happen about my SO contract i have and leave in November.I called my recruiter but she hasnt picked up so i left her a voice mail telling her a brief story to what happened.
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MotGymnloyano :
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christinabhayesl : I think it's unsolved, isn't it?
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MemoMocaiff : George Zimmerman
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jajidmeu : If anyone knew the answer to that, then they would have solved the case now wouldn't they?
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FLestesWP : No one knows who killer her. Some say it's a suspect that was let go. Orson Welles(actor) was also a suspect. Even the Zodia Killer was named. It's said that her murder was ritualistic.
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daunkwoorousa : From what I remember of the case.......they have about as much chance of naming her killer, as actually finding Hoffa's body.

Even at the time, the police had no fewer than 25 different "suspects"........and since then, everyone and their brother, has written books, claiming this person, or that person was the killer. All with no solid proof, whatsoever and are best "Guesses" most.

The case remains, and will probably forever remain, unsolved.
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jeneIncizeped : I did - even though she was killed long before I was born. Don't underestimate my capacity for evil.
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Cleascacy : It was Dr. George Hodel. His son Steve Hodel, who is a retired LA detective, has written three books full of evidence that points to his Dad being the murderer of Elizabeth Short. In fact, Steve thinks his dad was a serial murder who was responsible for numerous other unsolved murders in the area.

Steve is still running his investigation and in February a cadaver dog found evidence in the basement of the Doctor's former residence where the Black Dahlia was allegedly murdered. I read the first book and I am convinced George Hodel was a sadistic, sexual psychopath. In fact, he was the number one suspect in the case then suddenly fled to Asia In addition, he molested his own daughter for years and was facing charges for that as well.
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