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OthefShoratte : i want to email verizon about a few phone questions i have, what email can i email them at?

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Aripooh0013 : I am a 21 year old single female, no criminal record, obtaining my bachelors in nursing degree in the uk and I am uk born. I also intend to get my masters degree. Will I be able to apply for a visa?
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breakmotio : You can come over on a student visa to get your masters degree. If you want to stay then talk to an attorney.
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butTeallbah : You will have to apply for a Green Card which takes about 6 years.You will not likely be able to get a US nursing license with an degree from the UK. Us nurses are generalist trained which means you will need theory and clinical hours in adult, peds, OB/GYN and mental health nursing.UK nurses are specialist trained so they usually don't meet US requirements.
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Cewayerep : apply and see
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jinlin8899 : During a heated argument with my mom I smacked hand drunk cup of coffee (not hot) from the dresser. Some got on her as it went all over the place. She called the police, they showed up and we were only talking. I was mad because there was no reason for it other than that she couldn't "handle me." I've never hit my mother and never would. As I felt there was no reason for their being there I told them that they couldn't do anything. I meant it as in they aren't going to counsel us into loving each other and so that they might as well leave. They took it as me taunting them and arrested me without reading me my miranda rights or so much as telling me that I was under arrest. The charges were later dropped. But I want to know what I can do about that.
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faitmellurfam : Learn to keep your mouth shut and your hands to yourself, that's what you can do. You obviously need to be handled - otherwise why would she call the cops?

Newsflash - they don't have to read you your miranda rights.
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Snilegriercep : In some states, your act of hitting the cup during a domestic dispute would have justified your arrest. In this situation, the fact that your mother was hit with some liquid made this an appropriate arrest for domestic battery.

The officers had no reason to give you the Miranda warnings. Miranda is only needed when you are in custody and are about to be questioned.

Believe it or not, police officers don't have to formally advise you that you are being arrested. Slapping on the handcuffs is usually seen as a pretty good indication you are no longer free to leave.

I'm not sure what you are asking? You might consider sending a sincere thank you card to the prosecutor for declining to prosecute this case - because you did, in fact, commit the offense of domestic battery. You might also want to take an anger management class so you learn strategies that will allow you to keep your temper under better control and your hands to yourself. You might also want to practice not popping off to people who are doing their jobs and who were only in your house because your mother called them.

If you are trying to figure out if you can get the cops for doing something wrong, then the answer is nothing. They didn't do anything wrong or inappropriate.
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coaplyCap : You can do Absolutely nothing.....
Its a common Myth that police must read your Miranda Rights to you when they arrest you for a crime....

Police are only required by law to inform you of your Miranda Rights when they wish to question you about the crime for which you have been arrested for. So legally police can arrest you for a crime without questioning you and thus there is no need to inform you of your Miranda Rights.

Police do inform you of why you are being arrested hence why you are asking what Domestic Battery is, they can inform you on the spot or inform you at the police station..

((( The charges were later dropped)))
The police dont file criminal charges, the District Attorney is the one that files the criminal charges.
The police just arrest you and forward the criminal complaint to the District Attorney, the District Attorney reviews the criminal complaint and the evidence and decides if there is enough reason to proceed with a trial and charges are filed against you.
If the District Attorney decides that the evidence is too weak to obtain a conviction ect ect then no criminal charges will be filed and the case is dismissed....

(((( As I felt there was no reason for their being there I told them that they couldn't do anything.)))
Suprise Suprise Suprise
I bet you wont say that to police again when they show up for a domestic distrubance call will you?
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aperReeri : If you are not even going to try to make sense, do not expect much an answer. If you are asking if a court can allow a temporary judge, then the answer is generally "yes."
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