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Ìîêëàøèí : Yes I know I need a new cell phone, no I cannot afford it today. I lost the users guide (because I am an idiot) & the phone is old and I do not know if it even will let me email pictures or not. And no I never recieved a USB cable when I got this crap phone from AT&T as the "insurance" phone that was supposed to replace my very expensive phone that fell apart. Thanks AT&T for sucking. I guess I just need to know if there is a users guide online that I am missing, or if I should even be wasting my time with this garbage & just suck it up & buy a USB for a phone I am only going to have for another month. But I want my pictures!!! Forgive me for being an idiot & please help me so I do not have to ask my boyfriend who is already frustrated with my lack of tech knowledge. Thanks!

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KallIlliccala : My beloved grandmother passed away a few months ago and the state recently sent me a recovery questionnaire. My grandmother didn't have any assets but she did have a bank account. The account has less than 700 dollars. I have power of attorney for that bank account. Does that actually mean that the remaining money belongs to me? Or can the state take that money away? And on the questionnaire, it read "List the name, address, and telephone number for each heir (person receiving a portion of the assets) or co-owner of the decedent's assets and the portion of decedent's assets they received." Then after that question, you write down the name, number, and the asset and the share of estate. Do I write down my name for that one and then under asset, write the remaining bank balance and then on "share of estate" write down 100%? Or does me having power of attorney for bank account have nothing to do with that question?
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kedduadwaytum : My son ingested a product that caused several life threatening problems. We are currently suing the company and they don't want to do a deposition or go to court. They want to settle ASAP. Our mediation meeting is scheduled for the end of this month. If they agree on that day to our settlement offer what usually happens after?

We have a group of lawyers and not just one. It's hard to approach the with these questions.

Wow! Great info! Thank you.

My son is three years old and has cerebral palsy due to this product. He has also had numerous surgeries on his intestines and nearly died three times.
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Affongenice : Too bad they arent' approachable. That's not a good thing.

A mediation is a quick way to settle stuff. Each side does a quick summary of their point of view and the mediator helps them work out a settlement. Note, you are not required to accept whatever is agreed to, even if your lawyer says it's good. (But then your lawyer might drop the case). If you do come to an agreement, then they work out how the payment will happen. If your son is a minor, they may do a structured settlement so that he gets it starting at 18. But of course, you should get money to cover past medical bills as well as future. If he has lifelong problems, there should be something set up to make sure all of his long term medical care is covered. If he is 18 or close to it, then you could get a lump sum settlement. If it is set as something over the long term, make sure you can get the money sooner for college or medical bills.

Sometimes they want to settle because they don't want you to find out things can get worse, so they want to rush you. And sometimes it's to avoid legal costs and publicity of a suit. It sounds like with this, they are trying to keep their costs down.

Your attorney should have a meeting with you before the mediation to tell you what to expect. They may or may not want you to be there, but you will need to be available by phone to authorize a settlement if you don't have an agreement in advance.
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likelucyru : My girlfriend dad moved to Arizona an he was really abuseI've both verbally an physicaly to my girlfriend he use to hit her call her names on top of that he's racist judgemental an a drunk. plus cheater an wife beater an now he wants to take my girlfriend to Arizona with him he left her here in cali with his mom an i don't want him near her so how much would it cost to get one an where can i get one oh an i also have prof of the abuse if that helpso
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franklynjehoj : We spell it LA
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abigeodia : How do you expect you can get a restraining order issued on someone else's behalf, unless you're their legal guardian?
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weeliemninems : Filing charges, if any, are usually minimal. You might want to find an attorney to assist you though -- that's where you'd pay. Otherwise you can try to file one on your own. Courts are usually going to want to see a good reason for one, e.g., why there's fear of immediate danger. Also, this sounds like you don't want your girlfriend's dad near your girlfriend. She needs to be the one to file the restraining order. It's not for you to say he can't go near her. If he's threatened you or something, you can file to keep him away from you personally.
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dpt848wtp : I want my attorney to work harder and bring resolution since I am not at fault in this case. I have been patient with him and not giving him a difficult time, however, it appears there is something lacking on his side. I just want to impress him, but, at the same time show that I am serious with inflation and current economy eroding my case award.
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