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theomarttes12ezr : Are they supposed to rotate? Mine do not. But texting screen and applications and internet do..

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fachroarbo : My boyfriends charged with possession of marihuana first time offender. They sent him straight up to jail for 2 months. He's been there for a week now. Is there anyway that he can pay a fine and get out or do community service or even house arrest anything? It get out earlier then 2 months? He did a mistake and he realized to stay away from bad friends. If there's anyway please let me know. We are in VA.

Thank you.
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wiesaddlibe : no if his sentence is 2 months, short of an appeal, he is going to jail for two months. 2 months is kind of harsh for some pot, he must have had a lot, or maybe he has offenses for stuff other then pot and this is just his first pot bust.
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Uloyalyday : I am afraid not.
There is no substitute for jail, so no fine or community hours.
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AdvitsaddibiA : If that is what the court sentenced him to then that is what he will do as his sentence. Every other option is off the table at this point.
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glenckistr : Unless you are UBER rich or very famous, you cannot buy your way out of jail time. The court obviously felt that what he did was bad enough to justify jail time instead of a fine. It's possible he can petition the court to allow house arrest, but you'll need to consult a local attorney who is familiar with the specific laws of your state, procedures of the local court, and specific facts of the case. Also, he likely won't serve the full 2 months if he keeps his nose clean in jail...he'll get "good behavior" credits which will reduce his time served by 1/3 to 1/2.
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liamnigousnum : I dont think it is possible
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theomarttes12ezr : Only have $3000 saved up for this process about how much would it be with lawyer? He entered the U.S without inspection
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wrimiIniviamy : well, it won't be all that cheap either way. if he entered illegally, you can file an I-130 immigrant petition, but he'll also need to file an I-601a waiver form here in the US, and the filing fees on those two together are about $1000. If he's approved for the waiver, he'll need to go back home and get an immigrant visa interview to get the visa, come back and get a green card. so, you have to factor that in as well. at the very least, you should get an attorney to help with the waiver request. take a look at the I-130 and see for yourself if it looks like something you can do, or not. check out for more information and downloadable forms.
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Miketymn : Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers
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